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How to Awaken and Tap into Your Feminine Energy

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Women are constantly told that they’re beautiful, sexy, that they can do anything men can, but rarely you see advice on how to awaken raw feminine energy and be able and ready to be yourself, feel sexy and conquer the world. Feminine energy is a complex matter, and a lot of women don’t even know they have it, so it’s important to make this clear first.

Feminine energy is more focused on enjoying things and letting them fill you up, in contrast to masculine energy that is all about getting things done. But, feminine energy doesn’t mean you have to be submissive. On the contrary, it means being relaxed and loving yourself, investing in your relationship and making sure it works.

Tap into your feminine energy

So, here are some tips and ideas on how to effortlessly tap into your feminine energy:

1. Be aware of who you areFeminine energy

It might sound annoying, but in order to enjoy your life and be happy with yourself, you need to figure out who you are and what you want out of life. There are many ways to do it: for some psychotherapy can be a good option, while others can consult a life coach who can help them define their goals and ambitions. It’s important to learn every day and work on your consciousness so you’ll be better prepared and ready for any unexpected occurrences that may come your way.

There are some practical exercises for improving self-awareness, mostly through practices in focusing our attention on the details of our personality and behavior. Working on self-awareness isn’t an overnight job, so be sure to invest in yourself so you’ll be able to grow and be a stronger person.

2. Accept and love your body

Feminine energy
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Learning to love your body isn’t something that happens just like that, so be sure to work on your self-esteem every day. Physical exercise can be a great way to be more flexible and realize the potential your body has. Of course, we all have flaws, but instead of focusing on them and trying to make them disappear, you should actually embrace them and learn to love them.

Recently, self-love has become a big concept so make sure to accept yourself the way you are. Nowadays people are well aware of the fact that with high self-love and self-respect they build the foundation for more satisfying, and loving relationships simply because they know that they need to first find their worth, and happiness within themselves. After all, it feels good and natural to take care of your body, mind, and spirit. You can exude powerful female energy if you’re constantly obsessed over your flaws that other people may not even notice.

3. Do things that are feminine and sexy

Feminine energy
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Any type of feminine and sexy activity can help you embrace your own sexuality and be more attuned to yourself from a different perspective. If you didn’t know, pole dancing is an excellent way to get into shape and become more flexible, while also feeling sensual and beautiful. In case you don’t prefer pole dancing, you can simply dance by yourself to the music that makes you feel sexy.

For example, slowly dancing to your favorite R&B tunes is a great way to relax and feel feminine and powerful. When it comes to music, you don’t have to play R&B only, just play any genre of music that you enjoy. Besides, you can try belly dancing, cooking, traveling — basically, anything that can help you broaden your talents and make you feel good in your own skin.


4. Crystals can help you as well

Feminine energy
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For some, healing crystals can increase spirituality and help awaken feminine energy that’s been lying dormant for a long time. They are often also very aesthetically pleasing so you can use them to decorate your space or wear them as jewelry. Some of the most popular crystals are desert rose, moonstone, jasper, and amber.

All of them have unique healing powers and properties so before you decide to get anything, make sure to do your research so you’ll find the one(s) that can be the best for you. Also, another gemstone that is popular among women is amethyst. This semi-precious stone can greatly help you regain motivation because true amethyst meaning is all about inner peace, happiness, and stability, and when it comes to women and energy, everyone knows that a happy woman is the one who’s in peace with herself and with those around her.

5. Get creative

Feminine energy
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There’s nothing more powerful and stunning than a creative woman who dedicates time to hone her craft and likes working on her art. Whether you prefer to paint, draw, write or compose, chances are that your creative side is what’s making you stand out among others.

In case you feel like you don’t have any talents, well, that’s where you’re wrong, because each one of us has something we’re good at, we just need to find it. If you don’t know where to start, you can try color therapy to channel your creativity. Try various things and see if it brings you joy. Just remember that you might need some time to master some activities and creative endeavors, so don’t feel bad if it doesn’t work the first time you try it.


There are ways to work on your female energy and make it part of yourself. The thing is, it might be a process, but it’s definitely achievable. Just be happy with who you are, learn to control your emotions, be kind to others and if you ever doubt yourself, remember that you’re not alone. Discovering your feminine energy will help you be stronger, happier and more powerful person.

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