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How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams—5 Easy Steps

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achieve your goals and dreams

Do you want to finally learn how to achieve your goals and dreams?

It seems like everyone wants to achieve something great in life but few people actually get clear on what they want to accomplish.

But, if you want to achieve greatness in your life, not only do you have to set goals but you also need to use the right methods to make them happen.

The crazy thing is that according to a survey conducted by Dr. David Kohl at Virginia Tech University, 80% of the population doesn’t even set goals!

In his survey, he also found that: 

  • Less than 4% of goal setters actually take the time to write them down
  • Less than 1% review their goals on a regular basis

This is an astonishing fact! If you read any personal development book one of the first habits all successful people share is that they set goals on a regular basis.

But, if you’re in the minority of the population and want to turn your goals into reality it’s more than possible.

How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

Why is it that some people meet their goals while others don’t even get close?

A study of 267 people ranging from the ages of 23–72 done by two professors can help explain how to achieve your goals and dreams. In the study, participants were broken down into these five groups:

Group 1

This group was asked to think deeply about their goals and what they wanted to accomplish over the next month. They did not write their goals down.

Group 2

This group was asked to think deeply about their goals and write them all down.

Group 3

This group thought about their goals, wrote them down, and made a list of actions to help them get closer to their goals.

Group 4

This group thought about their goals, wrote them down, made a list of actions, and shared them with a friend.

Group 5

The final group did all of the action of group four and had a weekly progress report with a friend. More commonly known as an accountability partner.

Goal Setting Study Results

The results are pretty incredible:

  1. 43% Success Rate for Group 1
  2. 56% Success Rate for Group 2 (3% increase from group 1)
  3. 64% Success Rate for Group 3 ( 23% increase from group 1)
  4. 76% Success Rate for Group 4 ( 33% increase from group 1)

Now, think of a goal that you are working toward and imagine giving yourself a 43% — 76% chance to make that goal happen! With these five steps, you can finally learn how to achieve your goals and dreams.

Here’s how to start setting and achieving your goals:

Step 1: Get Clear About Your Goals

The first step of learning how to achieve your goals and dreams is to identify what you want. So many people are wandering generalities that never spend the time to actually sit down and create tangible goals.

But you’re different! So start thinking about what you want out of life. Spend time by yourself, in a relaxed environment getting crystal clear about what you want in life.

Step 2: Write Out Your Goals

As the study showed, writing your goals down is critical in making sure you give yourself the best chance of actually achieving them.

Not only should you write your goals down but it should be as specific as possible. When writing your goals down focus on the details. Instead of just wanting to own a house, focus on what the interior, exterior, backyard, and floor plan will be. Your mind loves details!

I personally have found that writing out each goal instead of typing it is also more effective. It’s very empowering to see your goals written down in your handwriting.

As best selling author Jack Canfield said, “When you write it all down, your subconscious mind will know what to work on. It will know which opportunities to home in on to help you reach your goal.”

Step 3: Make a List To Achieve Your Goals

The third step is to make a list of actions to achieve your goals and dreams. Think of this as the actual steps you will need to make your goals come to life.

Start with your outcome goal. For example, say your goal is to earn an extra $2,000 each month. What will you need to do to make that happen?

List out these smaller, process goals so you have an action plan to help you achieve your process goal. Examples could include things like:

  • Driving for Uber 2 nights per week
  • Pick up a part-time job as a virtual assistant
  • Ask your boss for a raise or negotiate a bonus

Make it easy to achieve your goals by creating a detailed action plan!

Step 4: Share Your Goals With Other People

This step is easy. Don’t keep your goals a secret and instead share them with a friend. The more you share your goals the more likely you can attract people into your life that can help you achieve them.

Plus, it’s helpful to have the support of your family and friends to help turn your goals into a reality.

Step 5: Find an Accountability Partner

Accountability is a huge factor in helping you achieve your goals. Find someone in your life, not your significant other, and share your goals with one and other. Hold each other accountable on a regular basis. This could be from a daily text, weekly meetup or phone call.

The more you share your goals and more support you have, the more likely you will make them happen as you won’t want to let down your accountability partner.

Final Thoughts

Life is too short to not be a goal setter and achiever. Sadly, most people don’t even bother to set goals and those that do aren’t using the right methods to actually achieve them.

I’m confident if you use these five steps you can learn how to achieve your goals and dreams. Don’t forget, once you reach a goal make sure to celebrate the accomplishment, not matter how big or small.

Then, reset and figure out what your next goal is it go out and conquer!

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