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How Dogs Improve Your Life and Your Mental Health

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Mental health issues are not the easiest thing to deal with, and not even the best support networks can make you see that things are going to get better. Our dogs are often the greatest companions we could ask for, and they are there for us with their unfaltering love and sense of devotion. They know when we are suffering, and don’t just help us back on track, but also show us how we can improve our lives.

Dogs, Anxiety, and Depression

There is actually a whole load of mental health issues that dogs can help with, but anxiety and depression are two of the most common. Sometimes, they even come together like a package deal, but regardless of the type you are suffering from, there is a way that dogs can help you.

Stroking or hugging your dog releases oxytocin through your body. This is the hormone that helps to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and also reduce feelings of stress. It can be very calming and therapeutic to do, and dogs love to be petted, so everyone wins.

They don’t judge you either so you can tell them anything.  Count on the fact that they will never judge you for it or love you any less as a result. They make for the ideal confidant and one that you can always rely on. Through everything, they are the constant companion. And even the smallest things they do can make you smile during periods where you didn’t think you could.

Dogs and Helping You to Improve Yourself

A dog requires routine. You need to care for them if they are to live a happy and healthy life. Things like walking, feeding, playtime, and letting them out are all things you need to incorporate into your day. Routine gives you meaning.  And it gives you a sense of accomplishment and self-worth that is even more rewarding. There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you are successfully caring for your dog.

How Dogs Boost Your Physical Activity

Dogs get you out and walking, and every breed needs at least an hour every day (and some require more). This means that you are out getting fit and ensuring that your daily exercise quota is met. Getting exercise not only lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, but it also leaves you with a boosted mood and a fresher outlook.

There are loads of mental benefits to going for a walk.  And it also gives you the chance to really bond with your dog. It alleviates loneliness as well, as dog walking means you are likely to run into other dog walkers on your way and at least say hello to them. It gives you social interaction as well as the opportunity to make a few friends.

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To Conclude

Our dogs are the best things that happen to us. They offer us so much while asking for very little in return. Dogs are able to boost your mood, help your mental health, and even make positive changes to your physical and emotional state.

For many of us, we would be lost without them. It is easy to see why when you read about how much they do for us on a daily basis. If you are struggling, it might be worth reaching over and giving your furry friend a much-needed hug.

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