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How Changing Your Mattress Can Improve Your Health

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The necessity of a good night’s sleep to one’s health has been proven time and time again. Sometimes, when encountering consistent sleep interruption, one can make the simplest of changes to enhance his or her sleep. A bedtime routine that includes such things as retiring in a cool, dark room can contribute to a person falling asleep faster as well as provide conditions for a better sleep overall. Furthermore, the best thing one can do to provide themselves with an optimal night’s sleep is their choice in mattress. One should consider whether they are sleeping on a mattress that is the right fit for their needs as well as whether it has been manufactured at the highest level of quality. The right mattress will offer comfort and support one’s body needs to drift off and maintain a deep, quality night’s sleep. Changing your mattress may be a solution for you.

The Right Mattress Can Make All The Difference

Sleeping on an old or even the wrong type of mattress can have devastating effects on our health. Not only does it disrupt our sleep patterns, but it can cause great physical harm as well. If a mattress fails to support your hips properly, for example, greater strain is placed on your spinal cord. Over time, this can lead a person to develop chronic back pain and a weakened spinal support system. A mattress should also be able to support certain pressure points within our bodies. Failure to support these points properly can lead to poor blood circulation and muscle pain. In addition, this lack of support increases the desire to move throughout the night. This constant movement can disrupt a person’s REM cycle; which can then cause drowsiness and possibly even pain throughout the following day. Mattresses that are not protected properly can also add to a person’s ailments. Certain mattress fibers can retain moisture. Consequently, if one were to sweat in his or her sleep (as an example) the sweat is absorbed into the mattress. This moisture then becomes trapped within the fibers of the mattress and can lead to the breeding of bacteria. Finally, certain mattress compositions are prone to trap allergens. A person is breathing in these allergens and bacteria throughout the night. In the long term, breathing these harmful substances can cause prolonged and chronic respiratory or breathing issues.

How a Latex Mattress Can Improve The Way You Sleep

When considering the purchase of a new mattress, one should consider a Latex mattress. Although latex mattresses can be a bit pricy, they are all-natural and made from organic material. Latex mattresses offer an environmentally friendly alternative to standard mattresses, all while providing various benefits to one’s health. A natural latex mattress is very durable and allergen-free. Produced from rubber tree sap, latex is resistant to mold and dust mites. This mattress provides excellent air circulation, allowing for a cooler and more hygienic night’s sleep. Latex is also naturally resilient. This allows for greater comfort. In addition, this resiliency inhibits the transmittal of movement from one side of the mattress to the other. Consequently, if more than one person is sleeping on the mattress at the same time, the chance of one person moving and waking the other is very slim; allowing for both parties to get a full night’s rest.

 Latex Effects On More Serious Sleep Aliments

There are several Americans today that suffer from chronic sleep disorders, such as insomnia and sleep apnea. These ailments can disrupt one’s sleep and, in some cases breathing patterns, causing a consistent pattern of bad nights and even tougher days. For sleep apnea, doctors recommend sleeping on one’s side and doing this on a latex mattress can support a body’s pressure points. In addition, these mattresses move along with a person and conform to his or her body; providing complete comfort all night long. For those who suffer from insomnia, the effects of sleep deprivation can be devastating. Latex offers a cooler nights sleep through its pliable structure that supports one’s body where it is needed most offers a cool and comfortable sleep. Finally, constricted blood flow can be caused by an old or inappropriate mattress. This circulation issue can leave limbs tingly and disrupt a person’s natural sleep patterns. Latex mattresses are engineered for lumbar support, which will increase someone’s spinal alignment. This increased alignment will allow blood to flow through the body more freely and provide better overall circulation of the blood.

No Need To Lose Sleep Over It

Healthy sleeping patterns provide a person with more than just rest. A good night’s sleep can pave the way for a better lifestyle and good overall health. These points are key when choosing the right mattress. During mattress selection, it is imperative that a person considers the construction of the product, as well as the support it will give him or her throughout the night. For those who have experienced chronic pain, poor circulation, sleep apnea or insomnia, a latex mattress should be part of the consideration as their natural composition and intricate design elements all lend themselves to relieving the symptoms of these illnesses. This will allow for not only a better night’s sleep, but better overall healthy and a brighter life ahead.


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