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Home Care Training: All You Need to Know to Enhance Your Career as a Healthcare Carer

Home Care Training

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Home Care Training is more and more in demand as the need to look after ailing or elderly persons in their own homes is rising. Many people, especially those who suffer from the likes of dementia and who are not able to move around as well as they should, benefit from care in their own homes.

The alternative – putting them in a care home – is rife with confusion and upheaval, and is not favored by healthcare experts. This is one reason why many people are choosing a career in-home care, and are enrolling on home care training courses to gain the experience and qualifications necessary.

Are you looking for a new career, perhaps one in the care industry? Or perhaps you spend a lot of your time looking after an elderly, infirm or ailing loved one or relative, and want to learn more about the best way to go about it? If the latter, you can undertake a basic home care training course that will enable you to understand the situation better, and learn how to best deal with the patient. If it’s a career you’re looking for, care can be very rewarding and satisfying, but be aware it is not for everyone, so you need to consider your options carefully.

Where to Undertake Home Care Training

In the Republic of Ireland, as in all countries where home care is a growing and important industry, there are many rules and regulations that come with providing care to individuals, and this applies not just in the home but also in nursing homes, hospitals and anywhere else they may reside.

This is why – if you are taking up a career in the industry – you need to undertake a recognized and reputable home care training course before you can be permitted to look after patients in their own homes. Of course, if you are a family member caring for a relative this is not the case, but if you are to take up caring professionally, you need to meet certain criteria.

A leading name in-home care services and solutions in Ireland is Care for Me Ltd, and they set the standards when it comes to home care training and education. They can offer courses for family members, for nursing home staff, for residential care assistants and nurses, and for companies, schools, and individuals. They offer a wide range of modules for in-home care training that are designed to get you up to speed with all aspects of the job, and that will certainly help you find a job in the care industry should that be your choice.

Minimum Requirements

In Ireland, there are quite strict minimum requirements as to the home care training and qualifications you have undergone and hold. This includes being trained up to Fetac/QQI certification in the modules ‘Care of the Older Person’ and ‘Care Skills’, which Care For me will put you through when you take their home care training course.

Also required are passes in the ‘Manual Handling’ and ‘Patient Handling’ modules, which will also be included in your training package. It is very important that, before you start working physically with the patient — whether you are a family member or are looking to become a professional care worker—you have taken and passed the modules mentioned, so if you think that this is a career path for you, why not get in touch with the team at Care For Me now, and they will book you in for an initial consultation,  so you can start on your way to a satisfying career in care.

If this is something that speaks to you contact us for more information.

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