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Hey ENFPs! Channel your energy and imagination to inspire greatness wherever you go.

This course includes four days of video sessions and email-based course materials. You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $195.

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The ENFP is the type that has the widest range of strengths, and ENFPs can imagine themselves accomplishing a wider range of feats than any other type.

If you get different results each time you take a personality test, you are probably an ENFP. Why is this? Because you are so good at seeing possibilities that it doesn’t make sense that there would be one answer to what you like and what you are capable of doing. An ENFP assumes that everyone gets a wide range of scores, but in fact, it’s only ENFPs (and mentally unstable people) who get a wide range of scores.

A problem for an ENFP is that the wide range of possibilities is intoxicating, but committing to one of those possibilities is like volunteering to be a caged animal. So an ENFP’s biggest challenge in life is to stick with something. ENFPs have a big capacity for vision which means ENFPs expect to accomplish grand things in life.

This course will help you reconcile your need for freedom with your need for accomplishment.

This course also will help ENFPs balance their incredible ability to do everything with the unlikelihood that they will finish any of it.

It’s hard to surprise me on a coaching call. The people who surprise me the most are ENFPs. They have the coolest jobs, they have the most unlikely career paths, and they have the most unpredictable range of topics they want to discuss.

For most of my career, I was surrounded by Js and I had very little experience with Ps. In entry-level jobs, you have to get a lot done, and Js are the types to turn to when it comes to super-duper productivity, so the business world is full of them

As my career started to focus on bigger ideas, I came into contact with more Ps, because they ask so many big questions and see so many possibilities.

At first I gravitated to the ENTPs. They have tons of ideas, which Js like, because we can implement the ideas. And the ENTPs are great at office politics, so people often mistake themselves for getting along with ENTPs at work (when really the ENTP is just manipulating the Js, but that’s for another post.)

What I found is that ENFPs were far more likable than ENTPs, and in fact, the ENFPs had vision but also have a likability that seems to prevail in any situation you put them in.

If the ENTPs manipulate people do to great things, the ENFPs inspire people to do great things. ENFPs change the world by connecting with people in a way that makes them over-perform. ENFPs see possibility for greatness where no one else sees it.

It does not surprise me that the only time we’ve had fireworks at the farm was when an ENFP came to visit, and inspired my kids to work together instead of trying to set each other on fire.

At work ENFPs create energized, cooperative teams. Once I understood this, I started watching management teams closely. Where there are ENTPs there’s an intensely competitive environment of office politics. Where there are ENFPs, the company is reaching high enough to attempt seemingly impossible feats.

This course will help ENFPs place themselves in positive, productive environments that will allow them to thrive. The best life for you will incorporate your phenomenal intuition and mysteriously unflagging belief in yourself. Here’s a path for how to get that:

Day One: Be your true, authentic self even when people doubt you
This session will show ENFPs how to manage an incredible idea flow by channelling it to inspire rather than suppressing it to fit in. You’ll learn how to use action items so you don’t get bogged down in details of execution. And you’ll learn how to trust yourself when you know in your gut that you’re right.

Accomplishment comes from focus, but burnout comes from too much focus. An ENFP needs to be an expert on finding the right amount of focus for their boundless abilities. This session will give you a road map you can use in most circumstances to gauge how to commit to something without feeling trapped.

ENFPs are inspirational and clairvoyant and chameleon-like to the point that everyone likes them. But ENFPs often have no idea how to turn these people skills into visible accomplishments. It’s easy to underestimate an ENFP for this reason. This session will give you tactics for insuring that you’re able to convey your value quickly to people who matter — be it in the personal or professional realm — as you are one of the rare types that can thrive in both.

Day Two: Find a career that allows you to inspire change in the world
You’ll learn how to use your remarkable ability to get along with anyone in order to open opportunities that are usually reserved for more mainstream people.  Your consensus-building abilities make you a special addition to any group even if you are different from everyone else, so this session will help you find the situations and organizations that will place the highest value on these skills.

You have a million projects in your head, but there is one, overarching project that you need to take care of: yourself. Where do you want to be? What feels right to you? What situations make your most comfortable? Most creative? Most connected? This session will show you how to craft a career that allows you to be the best possible version of you: free, focused, fantastic. The best job for you will give permission to let your ideas flow while everyone feverishly takes notes. Your job will be, invariably, a way to bring the best out of not only yourself but those around you as well.

Day Three: Make a plan to put your big ideas into action
You will be happiest if you’re surrounded by people, which means you’re great at building a network for yourself. You’re probably great at helping other people, but this session will show you how to also help yourself. And your network of friends, family and business associates is a great place to start.

Find your unique, ENFP balance. Balance your need to be free and spontaneous with the demands of a family, which are inherently constraining. This same balance is important in the workplace because you have to balance being part of a team with the need for freedom to work how and when you want.

In this session you’ll learn to seek out people who trust you to make good decisions even if those decisions look unconventional. Those closest to you may grow a little weary of your boundless energy, but consider that they just don’t get it. This session will teach you how to exercise your own off switch so you can guide your life by trusting your gut.

Day Four: Ask me anything!
I do this session for every course, and I already know that the most wide-ranging, off-the-wall questions come from the ENFPs. So this will be a night to remember.

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