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Hatha Yoga – One of the Best Yoga Methods For All Ages

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Hatha Yoga

Searching for the definition of Hatha Yoga may end you up in a glossary of Sanskrit terminology. Explained with a spiritual connotation, Hatha is the discipline of bringing together the contrastive energies in the body-mind, of ha– the sun and tha-the moon. In a more technical way, Hatha translates as ‘force’, which corresponds with the element of steadfast effort found in its asana routines. The project of understanding Hatha lucidly to its very details can be a handful. But one thing stands true—it can be a project for all with no bar.

Hatha postures allow a broad range of modifications for those facing physical limitations. It goes from gentle stretches to acute breath-movement synchrony, and further to exactingly challenging asanas. It thus effectively accommodates practitioners of varied age brackets and levels of practice into its structure with much ease.

Age-specific troubles like ADHD common to children, back pain, and bone health troubles for working professionals starting from their twenties and continuing, the psychological void of the mid-life crisis, and advanced-age general infirmity too can be met with sustainable therapy with Hatha Yoga.

No wonder, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in India—the very nerve-center of authentic yogic study— is a widely sought-after course. It works for all age groups. Here is what you will find valuable to learn from the training.

Enhancing Mental Focus with Meditation

A restless mind is often the cause of great dilemmas and a roadblock for growth. One can face it in childhood and carry the syndrome way into youth. If you find prominent signs of restlessness and lack of focus in your child, the best way out would be to introduce him/her to yoga. The breath-to-movement coordinating exercise of Hatha is effective for anchoring a restive mind and also helps sustainably burn off the energy excesses through the movements.

Building Sturdy Bone Health

Prevention and care are better than cure and that’s especially true in the case of your bone health. Dedicating your time to hatha yoga in your childhood to youth will bolster your bone structure against osteoporosis.

Also, there is a whole series of ‘chair asana’ modifications in the Hatha segment for those suffering from snags in the musculoskeletal frame—a phenomenon typical of the advanced age.

Boost for the Mood

Older adults often experience feelings of isolation leading to deep-rooted depression. This can be offset by the sense of community developed at yoga classes.  And what’s more, Hatha movements work great as a mood-lifting hormonal stimulant, offering effective relief for anxiety at any age.

Providing Sustainable Solution to Aches and Pains

Aches and pains are not an advanced age problem anymore, thanks to our ‘couch-potato’ lifestyle. Even if you cannot afford breaks from your desk jobs to go out and explore the great outdoors with your children, you at least make time for some yoga on the terrace.

Systematically learned Hatha Yoga can shoo away back pain and other joint aches from lack of movement in no time. No painkillers needed!

Acceptance and Gratitude

Harnessing love and acceptance is inherent in the discipline of yoga. The more you give yourself to the harmonizing forces of Hatha, the more will you be able to grow over resentments. You will find acceptance and gratitude for yourself.

Remember age is just a number, and love is forever!

Author Bio-Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveler in India. He provides Yoga Teacher Training in India. He loves writing and reading the books related to yoga, health, nature and the Himalayas.

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