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Growth And Development During Recovery

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Growth And Development During Recovery

When an addict enters rehab, there is a good chance they’ve lost one of the most important aspects of their personality: self-respect. An addict may not respect themselves or those around them. When they are involved in addiction treatment, an addict should be focused on getting their addictive issues under control. It’s important they work to develop the skills necessary to live a clean and sober life. Success in beating an addiction will involve rebuilding self-respect as well as respect for others and much more. They need growth and development during recovery to make the recovery lasting.


Self-respect can take many forms. It’s important that a person in Florida rehab develop positive daily habits. This could involve proper nutrition, personal grooming as well as exercise and more. A person should regularly bathe, brush teeth and hair as well as dress in clothing that is neat, clean and appropriate. A person should also be involved with their shopping as well as preparing their meals. It’s recommended they also exercise on a regular basis. Many people entering rehab have spent too much time being controlled by their addiction and not taking care of themselves. It is advised during this time they visit a physician as well as a dentist.

Earning Respect

One of the key elements with overcoming addiction at a Delray Beach rehab is learning the process of respecting others. This means more than just older family members, but all those around them of any age. It involves being respectful to people encountered on a daily basis. This could be people working at a grocery store, mail carrier, UPS driver and more. It’s a way to recognize fellow human beings and give them proper acknowledgment. A person is taught to express respect in simple ways. This could be permitting someone to pass in front of them in line, holding the door for people and more. Listening and not interrupting when in a conversation is also essential. People are also taught to say thank you to others when being helped. In time, people battling addiction learn the benefits of being polite and respectful.


A person going through the process of recovery is experiencing something very stressful. It’s a time when a person can learn to discover themselves and seek out new interests. Many people need to learn how to have fun. It’s possible to seek out non-accredited courses at a local community college. Many offer everything from cooking classes, to star gazing as well as learning about local wild edible foods and more. Some people join local sports leagues or organizations dedicated to acting or even gardening. The ways to spend time relaxing and having fun are endless. It’s important for a person recovering from addiction to fill their free time with activities that are fun and challenging. This is a good way for them not to become bored and return to bad habits.


Another aspect of recovering from addictions at a Delray Beach rehab is leaning to trust and earning trust from others. A person with an addiction often loses respect for themselves because they often fail to live up to their own expectations. People who know an addict often ignore them because an addict usually proves to be untrustworthy on many different levels. It’s important that a person in recovery learn to stop and think about what they are agreeing to do. It will require an honest effort to know when a promise can be kept. Telling the truth about not being able to keep a promise is an essential skill. Once doing this is mastered, the person in recovery will trust others as they begin to increase the trust they have in themselves.

Accept And Give Support

During the course of addiction treatment, a person will work to discover the roots of their addictive behavior. This experience is often painful and frightening. It’s important for individuals in rehab know they are not alone in this struggle. The ability to share experiences and feelings can make it less difficult. It is important during this stage of recovery for people to be in a support group. This experience helps a person get support and learn how to provide it. They learn how sharing their success as well as setbacks will help others who are struggling with addiction.

Reflect Without Reproach

When a person is in the middle of addiction treatment Florida, they are often avoiding emotions. Part of the recovery process in rehab is for a person to acknowledge their feelings. They need to become aware of what causes them anxiety, anger and more. A person must learn to put their feelings in perspective. This is a valuable tool when it comes to learning ways to avoid anything that could trigger a relapse. It’s important a person learn how to accept the things they have done and avoid self-reproach. Accepting their mistakes and letting go of the negative feelings associated with them takes time. It is also an important part of the recovery process.

Self Development

This is something a person leaving a life of addiction needs to embrace. There are many places that believe personal development is recovery. It is a time for someone to learn new things and force themselves to establish a new life and identity. When this is able to be accomplished, the chances of falling backward towards a relapse are significantly decreased.

Personal Growth

Should a person only sober up and be able to avoid a relapse, then their life won’t change much. A relapse is then more likely. While in recovery, a person needs to think about their future. It’s important they have a goal. They need work on it and understand what will be required to achieve it. A life of addiction is only lived one day at a time without regard to planning beyond immediate needs. A person in recovery can begin setting small goals and achieving them. They can move onto bigger goals and experience the improvement that such success brings to their life.

Self Esteem

Most individuals who engage in substance abuse are working hard to cover up their anger at themselves. During recovery, it’s essential to develop the tools they need to truly value themselves and their life. Once this is established, the chances of a relapse decrease dramatically.

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