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Get Rid of Anger Immediately with One Powerful Phrase

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Get Rid of Anger Immediately with One Powerful Phrase

Anger is a negative emotion that all of us experience at times. Some people have a better handle on controlling it than others but for all of us, hostility is toxic, draining, and too much of it will keep you from true happiness. Fortunately, there is one simple, yet powerful phrase that will get rid of your anger almost immediately.

The Negative Emotion Tree

“So how can a phrase stop my anger”, you ask? It all begins with a tree. Well.. sort of. In Brian Tracy’s book ‘Get Smart’, he talks about a negative emotion tree. On this tree, all of the negative emotions that you have including anger, distrust, jealousy, etc. are growing as fruit on this tree. To get rid of anger and other negative fruit (emotions), you must cut down this tree. Here is an extraordinary fact about this tree; the trunk is made of blame. Tracy explains that it is impossible to have a negative emotion without blaming someone for something they did or did not do. Think about this for a second. Can you remember a time when you were angry with someone and did not blame them in some way? Probably not. Blame is the key ingredient to anger. So as soon as you stop blaming, you get rid of anger and any other hostility you may have, immediately.

How To Stop Blaming

Here is a fact; you cannot blame others (which leads to resentment and displeasure), and accept responsibility at the same time. So accepting responsibility is the key to immediately eliminating any negative emotion associated with the person or circumstance. How do you take responsibility?

With one powerful phrase.


Saying, “I am responsible”, is the powerful phrase that will get rid of anger. It works by allowing you to accept responsibility, which immediately kills your ability to blame others, which in turn cuts down the negative
emotion tree bearing your anger fruit.

“I am responsible.”

This simple saying eliminates all negative emotions surrounding a person or circumstance in any given situation instantly. Your mind can either hold a negative emotion or a positive emotion at any given moment. By occupying your mind with this positive phrase over and over again, you have no choice but to shed your anger.

Give it a try the next time you find yourself angry at someone or situation. As soon as that irritation starts to rise up, say those magic words immediately and repeatedly. If you begin to harp on something that has happened  to you and it is beginning to fester in your mind, say to yourself, “I am responsible.” The interesting fact about this phrase, is that it is true. YOU are 100% responsible for the emotions that you have. Controlling emotions that arise within you, whether positive or negative is under your control, and your responsibility.

Have you tried this technique? If so, tell us below how it worked for you.


Tracy, B. (2016). Get smart!: how to think and act like the most successful and highest-paid people in every field. New York: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin,an imprint of Penguin Random House.

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