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Five Self Improvement Must-Do’s for Modern Men

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Five Self Improvement Must-Do’s for Modern Men

There’s perhaps no better time than now to hop on the self-improvement bandwagon, especially in the case of men looking for change in their lives. Here you will find some self improvement must do’s for modern men that have less to do with masculinity and more to do with being open minded and willing to take risks. Rather than thinking of self-improvement as a leap of faith, instead ponder the small steps you can take toward a more modern, forward-thinking lifestyle.  But where do you start?

Start a Business

If you think that starting a business requires a heavy investment of your time and energy, think again.

After all, the booming self-employment economy is paving the way for entrepreneurs online; likewise, it’s perhaps easier than ever to broadcast your journey to the world via social media. With the help of blogging platforms such as WordPress and free SEO analysis tools to help your site rank for keywords, you can get your start-up going in a matter of minutes.

Again, start small. You don’t need to immediately ditch your nine-to-five to start a freelance photography or writing gig. However, you should start thinking about how you can leave the daily grind behind and transition toward financial freedom on your own terms.

Pump Some Iron

Resolutions to lose weight are rather cliché. Instead, ask yourself: do you have what it takes to pack on some muscle?

Doing so is probably a lot easier than you think. Rather than needlessly spend your hard-earned cash on a gym membership, consider some home dumbbell workouts or body weight routines you can do at your own leisure.

Given that you get most of your muscle gains as a beginner (think: within six months), you don’t have to worry about over-eating or doing insane amounts of cardio to get fit. Believe it or not, sometimes a less-is-more approach to fitness can go a long way.

Switch Up Your Look

Changing your style may seem like a no-brainer; however, doing so can be challenging for guys who have been stuck in the “jeans and a t-shirt” mentality for decades. Rather than totally revamping your warddrobe, opt for subtle style points by…

  • Getting regular haircuts: even if you prefer a longer style, getting a trim every month can help make you look more professional
  • Growing a beard: society as a whole is much more accepting of the bearded lifestyle, so why not give it a shot if you’ve always been clean-shaven?
  • Accessorizing; small touches such as sunglasses, watches and belts can transform your look without being too flashy

Travel More

Nobody looks back on their life and thinks “I wish I sat around more.”

Take the time to travel and put yourself out there, both for the sake of meeting new people and gaining exposure to new cultures. Strive to plan at least one “big” trip annually (think: out of the country) and perhaps smaller excursions (think: weekend drives and getaways) monthly.

Hit the Books

Becoming a life-long learner could be the difference between letting your mind stagnate and finding your true passion in life. Whether it’s fiction or self-help, carve out at least thirty minutes daily to read some long-form literature and keep yourself sharp. Despite technological advancements, there’s no replacement for a proper book.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to self improvement. That being said, consider the aforementioned tips as cornerstones to what it means to be “modern” in 2017.

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