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Feeling Tired? Try 6 Energy Boosters To Feel Fresh

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Everyone suffers from fatigue from time to time. This unpleasant sensation typically has an unidentifiable cause. You may not be feeding yourself the right foods, getting enough quality sleep, or maintaining proper hydration levels. Fortunately, there are six, simple energy boosters that will leave you feeling revitalized and refreshed when sleepiness strikes.

  1. Do Regular Exercise

Nothing creates a pervasive sense of fatigue like a sedentary lifestyle. When you spend too much time sitting down, lying down or simply remaining in a fixed position, blood circulation and oxygen delivery are at less than optimal levels. As a result, your body slows everything else down as a way of compensating. One very effective strategy for beating back feelings of fatigue is simply by getting up and getting active. This might seem counterproductive. But using the energy that you don’t feel like you have is a great way to get more. Regular exercise will improve both circulatory and respiratory functioning. In no time at all, every organ and organ system will be getting the blood, nutrients, and oxygen it needs for keeping you both lively and robust.

  1. Get Proper Sleep

Midday sluggishness is often the result of insufficient sleep or poor sleep hygiene all-around. Make a commitment to getting to bed earlier and to establishing and maintaining a reliable sleep routine. If you have a hard time dozing off at night and wind up spending countless, restless hours as the result, trying taking a hot shower before bed, spending some time reading a good book, turning off all of your electronic devices, and eliminating outside distractions in general. Your body needs at least seven to eight hours of unbroken sleep each night. If you aren’t getting this, then you can expect to experience diminished focus, mood swings, general irritability, and a pervasive sense of fatigue that plagues the majority of your waking hours.

  1. Take A Walk

One of your top fitness goals should always be to limit both physiological and psychological stress. Walking is the perfect activity for accomplishing both. When you talk time out of your day to fit in a nice, leisurely stroll, not only are you burning additional calories by engaging in low-impact exercise, but you’re also giving your mind a rest from the pressures and stress of daily life. This allows you to put your problems on the back burner for a while so that your subconscious mind can work on either accepting these issues or figuring them out. With less stress, your body will be cranking out fewer stress-hormones that leave you feeling shaky and worn out. Best of all, walking involves opposite arm and leg motions that actually challenge the brain, incite feelings of calmness, and leave people feeling balanced. When your walk is over, you’ll feel clear-headed, refreshed, and ready to tackle what remains of the day.

  1. Listen to Music

Music can definitely help you achieve a different state of mind whenever you feel too tired to focus on your responsibilities. Just like soft music can lull you into a relaxed state, songs that have a hard, driving beat can help elevate your heart rate and make you alert. For twice the benefits, think about creating a high-energy workout mix that you can listen to whenever you go out for your afternoon walk or hit the gym.

  1. Drink Water

Sleepiness or lagging energy is actually one of the first signs of mild dehydration. Sadly, many people spend the vast majority of their lives functioning at less than optimum hydration levels. Another common and early symptom of dehydration is thirst. Thus, you should never wait until you actually feel thirsty before reaching for your water bottle. Instead, keep a large bottle of water with you at all time and be sure to sip at it throughout the day. Also, make an effort to limit beverages that actually contribute to dehydration. These include soda, coffee, tea, and any other high-sugar and highly caffeinated drinks.

  1. Eat A Protein-Rich Snack

You might be tempted to reach for something sugary and sweet whenever your energy levels dip. Sugar has the ability to give people a great rush of energy that they can take advantage of right away. Remember, however, that this is energy that always comes at a cost. Once your sugar high fizzles out, you’ll be left feeling even lower than you felt before. Conversely, a healthy, high-protein snack will power you in far more positive and long-lasting way. Try munching on a handful of almonds, snacking on a piece of peanut butter toast, eating a cup of low-fat yogurt, or noshing on a small amount of grilled meat. These are foods that will leave you feeling fuller longer, while significantly raising your energy.

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