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Drug Testing Your Children at Home

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Drug testing at home may be in order if you have clues that your child may be experimenting with various drugs available to them. Between a parent and a child, there should always be a bond of mutual trust and respect. The problem, however, lies in the fact that things don’t always work out as they should. You see, from the earliest age, kids often try to cut corners wherever they can, which means that parents have to be especially crafty at figuring them out, as well. This is especially important once they enter adolescence and become exposed to some of the riskiest forms of behavior. One of them is definitely drug abuse, even if it’s just recreational use. So, here are several tips on how you can test your children at home.

Is Drug testing at home necessary?

1.      The effects and dangers of drugs

While drugs are bad even when used by adults, their effect on children is particularly harmful. Why? Well, because outside of clouding their judgment (and making them do reckless and dangerous things), deteriorating their health and making them change their personality for the worse, they may also hamper their development. Their cognitive functions are especially in danger and the damage that’s getting done at this early age is often impossible to mitigate later on.

Other than this, a lot of parents are familiar with the term gateway drug. You see, not all drugs are equally as dangerous but the truth is that the vast majority of people don’t immediately start using heavy drugs. Marijuana, alcohol and even cigarettes can be the first step that one takes on this road of no return. Sure, this doesn’t happen for the majority of people but are you as a parent really willing to take this risk? All of this is one more reason why doing drug testing for your children is important and even necessary.

2.      How to know that there’s the need for testing?

You can’t just come up to your kid and ask them to take the test out of the blue. The truth is that you need to have a cause or at least strong indications that there’s a need for such a thing. There’s always a chance that you’ll find nothing and that your doubts will be completely unfounded. In this particular scenario, you have some apologizing to do and this is never a pleasant thought. Moreover, this lack of trust in them might hurt your kids deeper than you know it. This is why you need to be 100 percent certain (not that they’re doing drugs but that drug testing is necessary).

The only way to know for sure is to learn about the early signs that your child might be using drugs. Naturally, finding something in their possession is a clear indicator, so is the peculiar smell that comes from marijuana use. Nonetheless, the latter is not something that every parent out there can easily recognize. Rapidly changing grades and behavior are also clear signs. Unfortunately, they’re also associated with many other problems, which is why they might not be enough for you to base your presumptions on.

Keep in mind that drug abuse often requires certain paraphernalia like roll-ups, tin boxes or (in the worst-case scenario), burnt teaspoons and syringes. Finding these items within your household might be a sign that something’s afoot. Evasive answers, abandoning their old friends and social activities are also some of the strongest signs that your kid has some drug issues. Also, there are memory problems and missing items around the house. True, any of these symptoms, on their own, might not be indicative enough. However, if there are more of these symptoms occurring at the same time, the problem may be quite transparent.

3.      Have everything prepared and ready

One of the most important things is the fact that these tests can be faked. How? Well, they can just get one of their clean friends to pee on a urine panel for them or provide them with a drug test cup with a clean sample. This is why you shouldn’t give them the time to prepare. Instead, make sure that you already ordered some drug test kits and only bring them up when you’re ready to confront them. While it may seem a bit harsh, this is really the only way for you to know the truth.

4.      Prepare for some of the most common lies

Even though you may find your kid to be exceptionally smart for their age, the truth is that teenagers aren’t particularly creative or crafty when it comes to lying about drugs. For instance, when you notice a smell of marijuana on them, it will always be their friends that were smoking and they’ve just happened to be there. Also, when arrested for possession, it will always turn out that they had nothing on them but the police just arrested everyone who was there. Eating a poppy seed muffin is also another excuse why their test turned out positive. The problem, however, lies in the fact that you will want to believe them.

5.      Trust your guts

As we’ve already mentioned, you will want to trust them more than anything, which means that if they put an effort to come with a really persuasive excuse, you might be inclined to believe them. However, you need to try and ask yourself an unpleasant question – how likely is it that they’re speaking the truth. Sure, some of the previously mentioned lies must have had happened to someone, somewhere, nonetheless, when stacked up against all those symptoms that you’ve previously noticed, chances for this are next to nothing. This is why you have to trust your guts about drug testing regardless of how much it hurts you to do so.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that if you notice these things early enough, you can avoid any serious damage that would otherwise befall your kids by doing some drug testing. There’s always time for you to help them realize the error of your ways. No, drug abuse is not something that is justifiable by a generational gap and no, the fact that everyone is doing it doesn’t mean that they have the right to throw their life away. You are not their buddy; you are their parent. It’s time that you start acting like one.

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