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Do You Want to Have a Really Bad Day?

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Do You Want to Have a Really Bad Day?

O.k. I know that’s a stupid question. Who wants to have a really bad day? Probably no one. But many people set themselves up for a bad day without realizing it. So if you know how you can program yourself for a bad day, does it follow that by avoiding these things you can avoid a  bad day? Beats me. But let’s look at it. The chances are that you can.

To have a really bad day:

  1. Start your day with a strong cup of coffee and turn on the TV to get the latest news – especially if it’s local news. You will probably hear that a number of people were murdered overnight, that someone is in jail because the molested or abused a child, the economy is in the toilet and the housing market is all but dead, the war continues and 4,000 men and women have been killed over the past five years, that the education system is failing our children, that hundreds of people are being laid off, and on and on ad infinitum. (and the strong cup of coffee will jangle your nerves a bit so it’s harder to put things in perspective and remain calm)
  2. You allow your thoughts to wander to all the negatives this day can bring both at home and on the job. (How will you ever get everything done? What if the boss is in one of his moods? What if, what if, what if …)
  3. You let yourself look in the mirror searching for any sign of aging and you find several.

There’s more but already you have enough going in a negative direction to pull in more negative. It’s like the raincloud that follows Pigpin or the sadness that engulfs Eeoyore. Like attracts like. Negative attracts negative.

How about a really GOOD day?

But what if you start your day by

  1. Spending a few moments thinking of all the good things in your life. (Make a list of everything you’re grateful for and that you appreciate.)
  2. Turning on some beautiful music that lifts your spirits and energizes you
  3. Telling you spouse, children or significant other how special they are to you and how much you love them
  4. Looking in the mirror and smiling at the reflection, being grateful that you’re alive and telling yourself “I love you” (Try this, if you haven’t already. It may seem sill at first but it’s very powerful)
  5. Going for a brisk walk or run to get the juices flowing and fill your lungs with fresh air
  6. Looking forward to the many little wonderful surprises and challenges in store for you today

How your day goes is YOUR choice

How our day goes depends on us Translated that means how MY day goes, depends on ME. If you’re on a self improvement path, you already know that you have the right to choose what you think and what you feel.

So what do you choose for today?

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