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Cutting Edge Technology for Self Improvement

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Cutting Edge Technology for Self Improvement

Last week Luca Bosurgi was my radio show guest and we talked about his new cutting-edge, virtual reality program based on the Bosurgi Method. He states that he has tested his program on over  2,500 clients over the past 10 years and has a 95% success  rate. My own work with his program tells me to believe his claims and know that he is really on to something—cutting edge technology for self improvement that can help anyone who is experiencing:

  • fear of rejection
  • abandonment
  • judgement
  • narcissism
  • emotional numbness
  • solitude
  • lack of confidence,
  • need of an identity
  • anxiety
  • addictions
  • depression
  • lack of focus
  • confusion
  • overwhelm
  • and more

Yesterday I received a copy of a note he had written to explain his program. It was so clear, concise and compelling that I asked if I could reprint it and post it on this  blog. A “yes” has me posting it here in its entirety. And I quote:

Nature has equipped the human mind with a number of emotional programs that are activated and deactivated according to certain conditions. These programs have vital functions in our survival and procreation.  A couple of examples:

  • In-love: engineered by nature to promote procreation. Within certain conditions the emotional program “in-love” enters into action binding two person emotionally. No logic there, just a powerful tension that uses attraction, pleasure, anxiety and fears to keep the bond intact. If the conditions change the program is terminated.
  • Parental love: engineered by nature to compel parents to fulfill the physical and emotional needs of their kids till they are self-sufficient.  If you are a father, you understand what I’m talking about! No logic there, just a powerful bond implemented by this emotional program, that stays dormant till a child is conceived or born.
  • I identified a third one, that in my opinion is responsible for most inefficiency and emotional struggles in our society We will call it Emotional Dependency or Codependency. Emotional Dependency:  engineered by nature to reciprocate parental love. This emotional program keeps children safe and promotes the acquisition of behavioral models from parents and caretakers. It starts at birth and is meant to be terminate around 11 years old, just before puberty, when the young adult is meant to enter in the phase of emotional self-reliance.

Unfortunately, generations of external leadership offered by religions, societies and traditions have overridden these natural models of self-reliance that parents are supposed to offer to their kids in order to help them terminate their emotional dependency and become emotionally healthy adults.

Therefore, just before puberty that compelling need of love, safety, validation and guidance, promoted by this still running program, is transferred from parents to the world. This causes, in adulthood, all the symptoms related to the need of external emotional supply such as fear of rejection, abandonment, judgement,  narcissism, emotional numbness, solitude, lack of confidence, need of an identity etc. and byproducts such as anxiety, addictions, depression, lack of focus, confusion, overwhelmed  and so on.   Because emotional requests use a large amount of brainpower, unresolved emotional dependency is one of the main causes of poor performance in every aspect of life—work, school, and sport.

After identifying the issue, I created a therapy that helps the client terminate emotional dependency in a very short time. I also transferred the therapy in a Virtual Reality app that is affordable and has a success rate of over 95%. People in less than 3 weeks have become emotionally self-reliant, transforming dependency into inter-dependency, needs into choice, being chosen into choosing etc.

All you need is some VR goggles and your smart phone. The expense of the program is well within anyone’s reach. What do you have to lose?

My disclaimer: I am not an affiliate of this program nor am I compensated for anyone who signs up. I am promoting this program because I know first hand that it works and I know so many people who could benefit by using it. If you have questions please feel free to contact me or contact Luca Borsurgi through his website.

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