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Come, Manifest $10,000 with me

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Come, Manifest $10,000 with me

Yesterday, Cassie Parks was my guest on The Self Improvement Show talking about how to Manifest $10,000. You can hear the broadcast by clicking the play button below. Or you can go here to listen:

Cassie’s Program

Cassie has a program that I want you to know about. (If you have more money than you really need, don’t read this). She has written a book called, you guessed it, Manifest $10,000.  And she has an online 90-day course to help you do it. Both are outstanding. Her book is short, concise, to the point and effective. You can learn to manifest what you want by learning and practicing what she suggests in the book. You can enroll in her 90-day course and get daily help.

I chose to use both.

You can find her book at Amazon in both a hard copy and Kindle edition. It is definitely worth the price.

You can get her program at

What it Costs

Cassie is so sure that her program will work for you that she lets you get it for $1 (yes, one dollar) and pay her 10% when you finish in 90 days, with $10,000 or whatever you manifested. She trusts you. Where else can you get something up front and pay for it 90 days later? (Well, there are some scams that offer that, but this is NOT one of those). And how can you make an investment of $1 to get $10,000? Looking at it another way, is it worth it for you to let go of $1000 to get $9,000? I think it’s a win-win.

My first lesson

I got my first lesson this morning. It had me list what I would use the $10,000 for, with the price included. I set aside $1000 for Cassie and spent the rest on things I want and need. I need to get some cosmetic work done on my car; $1000 goes for new clothes, ordering them from an online store that I haven’t been able to afford—some beautiful blouses, slacks, shoes; some badly needed dental work and $500 for fun stuff done on the spur of the moment. I also set aside money to have the backyard of the house we are in the process of manifesting done by a landscaper. (The house story is this: We found a house that we wanted—called it our “perfect house”—but before we put in our offer, someone else put a contract on it. The sign said “pending.” The day after I finished Cassie’s book, and spent time thinking and feeling being the owner of that house, the “pending” sign was taken off. We quickly made an offer. How cool is that?)

The Invitation

So, I invite you to join me. If you want to do that, simply leave a comment at the end of this article. I will leave the article here in the Self Improvement Spot. If no one joins me, that’s o.k.  If you do, it will be a win-win multiplied.

Whether you do it with the book alone, the website course alone or both, join me.

It’s always more fun with a friend.

Let’s manifest $10,000 together.


For those of you who are wondering: NO, I am not being paid by Cassie to run this article. I am posting it because I think she has a program that can help me and you. I want us all to prosper.



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