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Collective Consciousness: It Starts Here

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Collective Consciousness: It Starts Here

Hopelessness is a feeling we are all familiar with. At one time or another, we have all experience those moments when things seem too far gone or too much of a mess to fix. It can be overwhelming, depressing, un-motivating, dis-heartening, etc… Then when we take it one step further, and look outside of our own messy lives, to the global community? The panic really sets in. The current collective mindset around the worlds’ problems comes from a place of fear, overwhelm, and hopelessness.

Most of us have too many issues going on in our own lives to worry about the lives of all others, especially those we might deem as “bad” or “unworthy”. We think that if we only had more time, more money, less stress, more notability, then we could do more to help. And if we don’t have x, y, and z? Then we deal with pangs of guilt and push it away. I recently realized something and even though my revelation was not ground-breaking or a fresh idea, I hadn’t been implementing it. I feel that’s how a lot of us live, knowing certain things but not truly living them.

What I realized was that, if I want to change things in this world and I truly want to help, then it all starts here – inside me. A collective consciousness shift is what it will take to turn the tide of our global economic, political, and social situations. But how can we hope to change things on a massive scale, if we can’t even change things within our own lives? How can we complain about the state of our planet, if we can’t even take responsibility and care for the state of ourselves? If a collective consciousness shift from fear to love is what is needed to turn things around in our world, then that must start with us.

This includes our thoughts, words, and actions. For those who are familiar with the power of our thoughts and the importance of raising our vibration, this concept should resonate with you. If we shift our own thoughts, words, and actions from fear to love – asking ourselves “What would love do here?”, then we change our vibration, the experiences we attract, and our lives.

So imagine if everyone took responsibility for their consciousness, thoughts, words, and actions? Imagine if we stopped blaming our politicians, world leaders, cooperate power players, and simply believed that we shift our consciousness and help others to do the same – that the collective effect would cause change. At the moment there is much unrest, anger, confusion, and dishonesty in our global community, and for those who are energetically sensitive, you can feel the tension. However, trying to enact change at a physical level, with thoughts, words, and actions rooted in fear of what’s to come or what could happen if ____, is not going to help.

The only way we are going to cause long lasting, deep-rooted change to the actual core – and not just individual issues – is by shifting our consciousness. If every person on the planet came from a place of gratitude, compassion, trust, and love, the problems currently feared would disappear. So when you see issues on a local or global scale that bring up fear or hopelessness in you, try sending love to the situation and to yourself. Begin with taking a look at your own life, and where those fears are mirrored on a smaller scale within your personal world. When we bring light to the illusions and fears within us, we are then able to bring more light to the world.

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