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Tiny Buddha’s Self-Love Book and 22 Others Are on Sale for 99 Cents!


Hi friends! I’m pleased to share that Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself has been selected for the Great Autumn sale! From now until Monday, September 26th you can get twenty-three powerful eBooks for $.99 each.

You can see the 

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“Night Radio: A Love Story” with David Berner

The Self Improvement Blog

We’ve never talked about a novel on The Self Improvement Show, much less a novel that tells a love story.

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The Green Thing—Taking Care of the Planet

The Self Improvement Blog

Every now and then I receive something in email that is worth sharing and today I’m going to share something

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Living the Good Life

The Self Improvement Blog

When I was a child I would hear the adults refer to “the good life.” I didn’t think much about

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“You’ve got to be unapologetically you.”: Jonathan Fields at WDS

Next month we’ll release the first round of tickets for WDS 2017, a week-long gathering of creative, remarkable people—taking place next summer in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

But first, we’re rolling out a series of speaker videos from the 2016 event. To start us off, here's a video from our opening speaker, Jonathan Fields. A New York City dad, husband, entrepreneur and author, he founded mission-driven media and education venture, Good Life Project®, where he and his team lead a global community in the quest to live more meaningful, connected, and vital lives.

Jonathan has been a major part of WDS since its very first year in 2011, and he's also one of my closest friends. In fact, if you search the blog's archives, you'll find more posts referring to him than to anyone else!

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Is There a Hole in Your Bathtub?

Imagine that you’re filling your bathtub for a nice relaxing soak. You’ve got the water on full blast at just the right temperature, and the soap suds are perfectly proportioned. Yet there’s a problem: the water rises to a decent level, but never quite tops out to where you’d like it. Despite leaving the water on and stepping away for a while, nothing changes.

Then you realize the source of the problem: there’s a hole in the drain. It may just be a small one, but it’s a hole—water disappears down it in one direction only, never to return.

What do you do? You could leave the water on full blast for the entire soak, which might not be that relaxing. Or you could try to fix the problem by plugging the hole.

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Why Loving Someone Isn’t Enough to Make It Work


“We accept the love we think we deserve.” ~Stephen Chbosky

Have you ever thought that you could love someone enough to make everything work?

Have you been in a relationship where you knew you weren’t really happy, but you kept …

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The Change of Loss

"It feels very old-timey and theatrical to say 'This experience has changed me' but still things do happen that change us. When those things happen we can’t go back in time, we can only go forward or face the uncertain ambivalence between the past, present and the future."

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How to Avoid End-of-Life Regret: Stop Giving Your Life Away


“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.” ~Unknown

Do you ever wonder what life is all about? You may wake up day after day and go to a job you can barely stand. …

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The Reviews Are In! Attendee Blog Posts and Memories from WDS 2016 (Round 2)

Every year for six years, I’ve been part of a team that produces an annual gathering in Portland, Oregon. It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun. Rather than share my own recap, I usually prefer to let our attendees share their perspective—so without further ado, here's our second batch of reviews! (See Round 1 here)

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