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Catch Pokémon for Fun and Money: Lessons in Paying Attention

File under: entrepreneurship is everywhere.

And so are Pokémon hunters. No matter where you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen them—and maybe you are one of them, staring at your phone while walking through the streets in search of winged creatures.

Or maybe you think the Pokémon craze is silly. Personally, I think it’s interesting to see how quickly it caught on, with millions of players all over the world, as well as how it encourages people to get out and walk more, since Pokémon are clustered around parks and other walkable areas.

I enjoyed this article about how some enterprising players have set up digital shop in helping new players “level up” or catch rare Pokémon.

“Being a Pokémon pro was not necessarily a life’s goal for Alastair Doggett, 25, a British expatriate, when he received a master’s degree in mathematics from N.Y.U. But after spending a few days in Central Park on the hunt for himself and friends, he gleaned a new way to make rent.

‘The idea manifested when my housemate was moaning he didn’t have enough time to make considerable progress in the game, what with being at work all day and returning home late,’ Mr. Doggett said. ‘Being unemployed and having considerably more time on my hands than he, I said I would happily help him out.’”

Wherever there’s a trend, there is also opportunity. People want something and they’re willing to devote hours upon hours, and walk miles upon miles, just because it’s fun. Naturally, there’s also a market in people and systems that will make the process easier, quicker, or otherwise better.

Are you trying to start a business or even a Side Hustle? Look around. Opportunities are everywhere.

Now excuse me while I go catch some Pokémon…

Link: Can’t Catch Em All? Hire a Pokémon Trainer


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