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Buy One Wedding, Get a Honeymoon Free


One time I went to Dubai for my honeymoon, except it wasn’t really my honeymoon. I was traveling with Stephanie, my longtime friend, travel hacking colleague, and frequent travel companion. Even though she is basically a member of my family, Stephanie and I aren’t partners in the romantic sense—which occasionally leads to humorous encounters when we travel.

For some reason, our hotel in Dubai had gotten the idea that it was our honeymoon. When they assigned us a luxury three-bedroom apartment as our room, we may have failed to correct their impression. We did, however, express our gratitude for the free champagne they also gave us.

That night at the restaurant across the street, I was jet lagged and getting annoyed when the server took his time in bringing the check. But then we realized the reason for the delay: the pastry chef had made a special cake for us, celebrating our non-honeymoon.

Thanks! we said. When life gets you free cake, eat the cake.

This experience got us thinking, or at least it got Stephanie thinking. She’s been to more than 125 countries, often using Frequent Flyer miles and points, and frequently advises people in the art of earning points and using them well.

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After helping yet another newly-married couple go on a round-the-world adventure using only points and miles, she decided to write a guide focused entirely on “honeymoon hacking.”

Weddings are expensive, and so are exotic honeymoons. But they don’t have to be.

Her new guide will help you have your wedding cake and eat it too. It’s the ultimate step-by-step program to help couples plan and take their dream honeymoon for free.

Be a runway bride (and take the groom along with you)—or just pick this up for a friend you know who’s getting married.

Learn to hack your honeymoon!


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