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Bring Spirituality and Mindfulness into Your Daily Life

spirituality and mindfulness

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Have you considered bringing spirituality and mindfulness into your daily life? Committing to your beliefs can be tough in a world that never seems to have time for them. If you’d like to be more mindful or spiritual, you can’t simply make the statement and hope for the best.

Spirituality and Mindfulness

While spirituality involves a concern about your soul as opposed to physical matters, mindfulness is how we purposefully interact with and consciously raise our awareness of our spiritual state. Together, they serve as powerful ways we can interact with ourselves to bring light and happiness to our lives. Below are a few ways you can embrace your beliefs every day and bring spirituality and mindfulness into your daily life.

Start Your Day with Purpose

Being more spiritual or mindful requires a real effort. Your day should start with an affirmation to yourself that you will try to embrace your personal philosophy in all you do, even though doing so might be difficult. Do breathing exercise, say a prayer, meditate or engage in whatever ritual gives you strength—the more motivation you give yourself in the morning, the better your efforts will be throughout the day. Regardless of your level of faith or devotion, beginning with a simple, purposeful act of spirituality or worship will set the tone for the rest of the day, and make it more possible for you to receive spiritual experiences throughout your day.

Take Time to Pray

Take a few minutes out of your day to pray each day in a way that’s meaningful to your beliefs. Do not worry about the level of refinement in your prayers. Even taking the time to meditate or simply to be still can help strengthen you for a connection with God. If you struggle finding what to pray for, think of your family, your community, and your relationships. You might spare a prayer for servant leaders or simply pray that you are given strength to make it through a tough day, but connecting with your spirituality on this kind of basic level can have a huge impact.

Analyze Your Motivations

It’s never a bad idea to stop and ask ‘why’ from time to time. If you’re looking to become more mindful, for example, you may want to stop and examine your own actions to determine why you’re undertaking them. Give yourself the freedom to detach from the usual grind and to truly examine exactly why you take the actions you do each day, from how you interact with a spouse or significant other (do you nag? Avoid conflict? Tell them you love them?) to how you treat yourself (do you belittle or disparage yourself? Are you taking time to let yourself relax?) Also, think of how you can apply your own beliefs to your life. Is there something you can be working on this week, from being charitable to being more forgiving? What will help you become who you need to be?

End the Day with Reflection

Your best tool is often the ability to reflect. When your day is over, take some time to look at what you accomplished during that day and figure out if it aligns with your own beliefs and goals. When did you practice mindfulness? When did you let your spirituality impact your daily actions? When did you fall short of your own expectations? All of these questions can help you to prepare yourself better for the next day. Remember to forgive yourself when you fall short—remember that life is merely a process. You aren’t supposed to be perfect yet.

Embracing your own beliefs can be challenging, but it’s worthwhile. When you’re successful, you’ll feel truer to yourself than ever—and that can give you a great deal of strength. Though pushing towards a higher purpose can always be tough, it’s almost certainly worth the effort that it costs. Spirituality and mindfulness are major stepping stones to get you there.

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