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Body Image Issues of Skinny Women

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Body Image Issues of Skinny Women

We all know women who are at least a little uncomfortable with the way they look. And that’s a shame because being a woman today is not only interesting but also more exciting than ever before. Today women can achieve a lot more than they ever could. And that’s reason enough to celebrate womanhood but our women today remain desperately tangled in efforts of being better and more beautiful every day. Body image issues are faced by an ever-growing number of girls and women who are not happy with the way their bodies look. While the look of the body that is considered beautiful keeps changing, the pains both physical and mental, that women go through to become that, does not.  Body image issues of the skinny woman are as real and painful as they are for any other body shape and size.

Body Image Issues

In the recent years, curvy hourglass shaped figures have been gaining popularity and they are now considered the most beautiful or rather sexiest amongst women making many slender and petite women feel insecure and unattractive in their bodies.

The daily influx of images, videos, and posts on social media and on T.V do not really help in addressing the issue either but rather just exacerbate it. Brands, plastic surgeons and different companies in the multi-million-dollar beauty industry continually benefit from the same flaw driven insecurities of their customers that their products claim to fix. And while for heavier women a lot of their insecurities come from being overweight which they are capable of addressing by losing those extra pounds, skinnier women often feel lost in the race to have a ‘sexy’ hourglass figure which they can flaunt.

There is nothing wrong in trying to improve yourself but body image issues should not overpower a woman’s self-esteem ever because the truth is that there is no particular type of body that is more attractive or healthier than the other, not even for men.

Healthy and Attractive

Having a healthy and attractive body is not just good for self-esteem but also for the health and for the mind. A body with a healthy weight does not just fit well in clothes but also has a healthy glow from a well-nourished skin, thick shiny hair and lots of energy celebrate each day.

Being too thin could be the result of a very high metabolism or an eating disorder, but regardless of the reason, being all skin and bones is not good for health. Many people shrug at disbelief towards slim women who are dissatisfied with the way they look, just because they think that being slim should be good enough. In fact, thin fat is as bad as being obese and can sometimes be even worse as most thin people don’t even realize the risks. Anemia, low immunity, fertility problems, and osteoporosis are all ailments commonly found in very slim people.

However, slender women need not lose hope and let the media and their insecurity get the better of them. There are many steps that slim women can take to gain weight, become healthier and gain some curves with it as well if they wish.

Listen toyour body’s needs

 Our body needs nutrition, exercise, and stretching. So, either it’s weight gain or loss, exercise is never a brainer. A less exhaustive but a regular fitness regime is very important to keep the body healthy. To balance the body’s lack of fat, slender women should focus on sculpting muscles of their body where they want the emphasis to fall like the gluteus, pectorals and the abs. There are plenty of sources online where entire routines are sketched out for skinny women to gain muscle mass in the right places.

Nevertheless, pumping weights on undernourished muscles will lead to no results. To gain muscle, restore bone strength and give the body the power to exert, an ample and well-balanced diet is a must. Along with increasing calorie intake gradually and slowly, women should aim to increase one pound a week only. Anything above that would be an unhealthy speed. To overcome a fast-metabolic rate, women should eat frequently between meals as well. Snacks between meals should also be of high calorie and nutrition like milkshakes, granola bars, and high carb food. The internet is full of resources and tips to help women struggling with finding the right weight gain regime.

Other than targeted muscle exercises, slim women who want to enhance the curviness of their waists can try waist training which has been gaining a lot of attention in the media and has even been advocated by celebrities for its effectiveness.

In the end, when it comes to improving yourself and your body, it all starts with appreciating what you already have because this body of yours is strong and works and it’s been giving a home to your mind for decades. If this body wasn’t wonderful and worthy of respect, you’d not still be breathing, feeling and experiencing life fully the way you do.

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