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Beyond Beauty: 5 Self-Care Habits That Lift Your Spirits (and Upgrade Your Look)

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No matter where you live, how old you are, or what career you are pursuing, it is crucial that you pay attention to and nurture your mental and physical well-being. Your physical and mental health are the most important assets you possess, and you can’t expect to continue developing your life without them. Self-care habits are critically important to your well-being as well as your beauty.

For some women, self-care comes naturally. For others, not so much. Too often, people presume that including self-care practices into their daily or weekly routine will take up too much precious time, but this isn’t the case.

It can be easy to blame the hectic world and your busy lifestyle, but the fact that this mentality exists (and is dominant) is further proof that it has never been more important to look after yourself than it is today.

Here are five self-care habits that lift your spirits and also upgrade your looks.

1. Get high-quality sleep.

In 2018, it is almost guaranteed that most people do not get enough high-quality sleep. In fact, it is far more common for people to complain about how groggy they are, how few hours they were able to get for some shut-eye, how exhaustion is permanently running through their veins.

If this sounds like you, then you unquestionably want to take a closer look at your sleeping habits. Unfortunately, getting regular high-quality sleep doesn’t just happen — you have to make an effort to schedule your days, beat procrastination, and say “no” to some social gatherings to ensure you get enough rest.

Once you commit to a regular sleeping cycle, you will begin to feel the benefits almost immediately. Not only will you feel more alert, productive, and energized throughout the day, but you are also more likely to make healthier food and exercise choices, be more present in your relationships, and have an inner glow that radiates across your face.

2. Drink water morning, noon and night.

As the most repeated self-care tip possibly ever, drinking three to four liters of water a day has significant benefits. Each part of your body requires water to function, yet many people spend their days entirely and utterly dehydrated.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, have a large class of cold water. After sleeping all night, your body needs water, so not only will it get your metabolism moving, but it will also have you feeling energized right away. It is a surefire way to lift your spirits from the moment you wake up.

While drinking water throughout the day, take the time actually to sit down and mindfully drink it. Don’t scroll through your phone or try to reply to emails; instead, consider this small moment as a time for quiet reflection and to appreciate the water you are drinking.

3. Treat yourself (regularly) to a quick, at-home facial massage.

Facial treatments are often considered an expensive self-care habit to maintain, but you can easily treat yourself to quick facial massages at home without breaking the bank.

Whether you opt to purchase a jade roller or decide instead to use your fingers, when you massage your face, you are draining your lymph nodes and de-stressing yourself overall. This is a fantastic self-care ritual that will indeed enhance how you feel and look.

4. Eat healthy and clean.

What you put into your body is reflected on your skin, so if you want to look great and feel even better, then you need to be nourishing yourself with wholesome foods from a balanced selection of food groups.

Giving your body the nutrients it requires and benefits from is the highest form of self-love. You deserve to feel good in your skin, to have energy, to radiate, and not to feel bloated or tired because of poor food choices.

Commit to eating more at home so you can feed yourself not only a balanced diet but also one that is made with love. Enjoy the process of planning your meals in advance, food prepping, and then putting them together for yourself. Have fun researching healthy recipes that will fill your stomach and your soul.

5. Take time to journal and express gratitude.

Journaling is one of the most effective ways to learn more about yourself, as well as a means for you to work on making your dreams come true. In addition to reflecting on experiences and planning future successes, your journal should also be a place where you express your gratitude.

Many successful people partake in gratitude journaling, as it helps you to recall the good parts of your life and can help you to maintain a positive mindset — no matter what you are going through. Strive to write down three things you are grateful for on a daily basis.

The positive mind shift that will result from this practice will also reflect itself in the way you approach the world, how you value the people around you, and the size of your smile on a daily basis.

How do you practice self-care? What are some of your favorite routines? Let us know in the comments below!

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