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Benefits of Kefir and Why You Should Drink It Every Day  

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Benefits of Kefir and Why You Should Drink It Every Day  

Kefir isn’t at all a new product in the food world. However, it’s making waves thanks to all the benefits it offers regular drinkers. Similar to a drinkable yogurt, the fermented concoction combines any kind of milk with live cultures called “grains.”  It delivers a powerful punch of beneficial nutrients, yeasts, and bacteria.

Below are some of the top health benefits you can get from kefir.

High Number of Nutrients in Kefir

Hailing from East Europe and Southwest Asia, kefir needs activation by putting the grains in milk to bring the drink to life. Once you have, a single milk serving provides protein, calcium, B vitamins, and more for just around 100 calories. While you won’t get the same profile of nutrients from dairy-free versions, like coconut or soy milk, kefir still goes great with them and isn’t likely to bother lactose intolerance. With a few grams of fat per serving, it’s also guilt-free for those following a diet plan.

Let’s not forget the probiotic benefits of the drink. Besides the biochemical components that boost kefir’s effectiveness, it features plenty of probiotics that assist in good health from the digestive system to the mind. In fact, it features more of the microorganisms than the current most popular source: yogurt. Other fermented dairy foods aren’t known to have the yeasts or as many of the bacteria kefir does. Therefore it’s easily the more potent option.

Disease Prevention

All those nutrients listed above make kefir an excellent product to help ward off certain diseases. Some of its probiotics aid in diminishing harmful bacterial growth, including Salmonella and E. coli. The carbohydrate kefiran, unique to the drink, also boasts healing properties. Beyond preventing infections, though, kefir has been shown to support strong bones by way of its abundance of vitamin K2. Having both this and calcium present in the drink, someone who drinks it regularly will likely fend off the formation of osteoporosis.

Some research suggests that kefir can aid in the fight against cancer, as well. The present probiotics have shown promising signs of supporting the immune system. With all of its known benefits in tow, drinking kefir could be another way to keep the vicious disease at bay. Since there hasn’t been much study on living people thus far, however, it’s best to treat kefir as a preventative measure rather than a medicinal aid.

Digestion and Allergies

Probiotics are a big name in aiding digestion and helping with bowel movements, and kefir is no slouch in this regard. Thanks to the number of probiotics it has, it may be helpful with conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea. Kefir has shown promising results in lab studies for anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy tests, as well, though it has also yet to be tried on humans. If you want to see how your body responds, though, it won’t hurt to try.

How to Get It

Fortunately, kefir isn’t difficult to reach, whether or not you have access to its home regions. Some health stores and supermarkets, as well as fresh meal delivery programs, now carry the grains and prepared drinks; it’s also easy to make at home. You simply have to acquire the grains, put a tablespoon or two in two cups of milk, and cover. Let it ferment for about 24 hours. The grains can be reused, which makes this a renewable source of nutrition.

If you’re looking for a wholesome, healthy addition to your daily diet, kefir brings a lot to the table. This natural drink might not seem like much, but its longevity speaks for itself. Its many benefits can get you on the right track to a healthier life.

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