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Becoming Your Authentic Self

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Many of us want to find joy and fulfillment in life and that is possible only as you become your authentic self. Below there is a common hypothetical example that will illustrate what could be holding you back from becoming your best self. Getting caught up in the day to day worldwide competition for attention endangers your quest towards your greatest possibility.

The Set-Up

The sun comes shining through your window in the morning and your first instinct as you wake up is to grab your phone and check your social media. You start scrolling through Instagram and Facebook looking at everyone’s lives only to find them in an unrealistic perspective. Next, you come across one of your favorite Instagram influencers. You notice a picture that has hundreds of likes, thousands of comments, and a massive list of followers.

Seeing all of the attention and online love they seem to get, you desire to receive some likewise when you really should focus on becoming your authentic self. But the social attention and popularity outweigh the better option and you decide to post online.

Now that you’ve convinced yourself of being an Instagram influencer who takes pictures at the beach and shows off your latest outfit from a top designer. You stroll down Venice Beach with your iPhone and hands ready to start your influencer career. However, after many attempts you find that no matter how many highly filtered pictures you post, you just can’t seem to get the right look. After a week of posting endless pictures, your iCloud storage is drastically low and so is your motivation to keep up this lifestyle image is too.

Maybe Instagram influencing isn’t what you were made for. Forget about the small details and let’s look at what matters most, the big picture. Let’s take a moment to think about what’s holding you back from being truly happy and finding your authentic self.

The Turning Point of Self Reflection

Becoming your authentic self means being who you want to be without worrying about what others think of you. Fishing for motivation or excitement from others creates false expectations. This becomes an endless cycle until you take the time to look back and reflect on what mistakes were made that led you to being what you didn’t want to be.

The first mistake you made was letting the aspiration of others influence what you truly aspire to be. The first step towards making better decisions is to truly understand your worth. This can be done by realizing who you really are. Development of a true understanding that you are an invaluable being and your time should be treated as such. Stop comparing yourself with others. This is such a crucial element for becoming your true self and achieving a fulfilling life.

There is a saying that goes, “the blind lead the blind”. You must ensure that you have a clear vision when it comes to committing yourself to your future. Setting meaningful short and long term goals will set the course for you. As you complete tasks and achieve goals you will feel that you’re progressing toward your authentic self. Understanding one’s self-worth is key to changing. Now that you are in tune with yourself, you can find out how to use your time doing something that you love.

The Conclusion

Do you remember that poor soul that was easily influenced by online appearances and images? Hopefully not, but if you do, feel no shame because that train of thought before becoming your true self has brought out the real you. Now that you have a more realistic and true foundation for what you want to do and who you want to be, your chances of success have increased dramatically along with your motivation. That incredible burst of drive and determination you got from the right desires have become new seeds planted that will propel you into greatness. You can now become your true authentic self.



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