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Be Ridiculously Happy

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Be Ridiculously Happy

Would you like to be ridiculously happy? What would that feel like for you? What would that look like?

A lot has been written about happiness, particularly by those who who subscribe to Positive Psychology. I have posted a number of articles about happiness on this blog: e,g., Is There Too Much Talk About Happiness? ” or  “Four Key Words to Happiness.”  There are many mare.

It’s true. We all  want to be happy. It’s also true that happiness is different for each one of us.

While happiness is unique for each of us, there are some constants that need to be present for happiness to exist. I see them as:

A Loving Sense of Self

A self you do not like, much less love, will find it almost impossible to know true happiness, however you define it for yourself. That loving sense of self comes from:

  • Self awareness and self acceptance. Knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are and accepting both as being an essential part of who you are.
  • Knowing what you believe and why
  • Setting and following your own boundaries
  • Authenticity “Walking your talk.”

Living in the Now

The only time you can be truly happy is NOW. You can have happy, warm fuzzy memories of the past and you can visualize things you think will make you happy in the future, but the only time you can experience happiness is in the present moment. So how is your present moment?

Having meaningful Relationships

No matter what some say, most of us need close relationships with others whether that be a romantic alliance or family and friends you hold close. If you are not rich with relationships, there are many ways to develop them. Open your eyes and look around—they are everywhere. Caring for others (below) is a good place to start.

Caring for others

There is no measurement tool that adequately captures the level of happiness that comes from helping others, regardless of what form that “helping” takes. There is a place fore each one of us to serve and there are millions of  people who can benefit from service. Google “Volunteering opportunities” in your town or city  to see where you can fit in.

Cultivating an Attitude of Happiness

According to Raj Raghunathan Ph.D. in an article for  Psychology Today, there are four attitudes that underpin happiness:

  1. Adopting a more favorable perspective in interpreting the actions of other people.
  2. Adopting a more favorable interpretation in forecasting the impact of a present outcome on future outcomes.
  3. Constantly questioning your theories about what you need in order to be happy.It also involves being courageous enough to jettison those assumptions that do not appear, on closer examination, to be true.
  4. Enhanced confidence in your own ability to deal with anything that life throws at you.

This by no means exhausts the subject of happiness, but gives  you something to “chew on.” If you want to have some measure of your own happiness, you can take the “Happiness Quiz”  Based on your answers, you will receive a free report with personalized guidance on how to be happier.

What got me thinking about happiness for today’s blog is a YouTube video I watched yesterday. It’s a Ted Talk called “Live a Life of Yes” by Saya Hillman. She talks about becoming ridiculously happy. I have included it here for your enjoyment. I watched it twice and intend to watch it again. Enjoy.

With all of this, would would it take for YOU to be ridiculously happy? 

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