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Be Realistic: Plan for a Miracle


“Be realistic: Plan for a miracle.”

Sometimes in life it’s good to play it safe. But this is not one of those times. This is a time where you’ve come to a point of no return. A choice will be made—no, you will make a choice—and after choosing, you won’t ever be the same.

All too often we don’t appreciate the critical moments of life until they’re over. But this time it’s obvious: what you do next matters. And the outcome is at least partially within your control.

When you feel as though the odds are against you, you know you’re on the right track. If other people don’t understand your idea, great. If someone says it’s stupid, that’s even better.

Their rejection can be your fuel. Not your inspiration, because this is your own vision. Not your motivation, because you already have that. But as you make your plans and proceed with the impossible, the sense that you are up against a real challenge can keep you going.

And it is a challenge, right? If it was easy you wouldn’t feel so strong about it, and you wouldn’t be so opposed.

So come on—summon your courage and prepare to step out. Take the risk. Jump off the cliff.


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