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Apps That You Can Use in Your Fight Against Alcohol Addiction

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Apps That You Can Use in Your Fight Against Alcohol Addiction

When you acknowledge that you have an alcohol addiction, you have taken what many believe is the first step on the path to recovery. This should be the admission that motivates you to get help and make changes. One of the best ways to regain control of your life is to enter professional addiction treatment, where a trained and experienced staff can teach you to manage your disease when you leave rehab.

Many people feel cut adrift when their treatment comes to a close, and that is a time when joining a support group or another recovery community is suggested. What people often fail to suggest as well is technology. There are many ways that modern tech can help you with your sobriety. The apps discussed below make a great addition to a life in recovery, but remember that these are just software and you actually have to do the work.

Anonymous Sober Chat for AA

Some people aren’t comfortable in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings because they feel uncomfortable in a large group. Another struggle in connecting with other people. Still others are introverts. And, there are people who need help outside of those meetings. This is often where online communities play a role. There are a number of websites for people in recovery to gather.

This app also addresses people’s need to connect outside of an AA setting. Its focus is group messaging. After entering a first name and last initial, you get to start chatting in a variety of chat rooms. Some chat rooms will be instantly recognizable as places to discuss recovery. Others will be a bit confounding until you enter them and see that they are primarily for entertainment and community building. They are sober spaces for having fun with people who understand your alcohol addiction.

I Am Sober

This is an app you use to track your days sober. When you install it, it will ask you the start date of your sobriety, the time at which you would like to get notifications, and the amount you used to spend on alcohol each day. After that point, the app displays the number of days you have been sober and counts down to your next sobriety milestone. There is also a savings calculator that estimates the amount of money you have saved during your sobriety by not buying alcohol.

Sober Tool

This app was developed by a Harvard-educated licensed chemical dependency and certified alcoholism and drug counselor for use by people looking to change their habits and lead a healthier life. It is geared primarily to recovering addicts. Like other apps, you get help finding local 12-step meetings, a dollars saved calculator, a sobriety tracker, and motivational messages. But the big selling point is the relapse prevention. The app asks you questions and develops a call to action you can follow for help as well as check out the best free rehab centers.


Every app that can prove helpful isn’t necessarily developed for use specifically by people who struggle with alcohol addiction. For instance, Happify helps users build their confidence, alleviate stress, conquer negative things, and more. Using engaging activities and games, the app works to improve your emotional wellbeing, which can reduce your reactive response to relapse triggers. When you complete a few activities each week, you should start to see improvement in your power to fight back against negativity and in your life satisfaction. Plus, the app charts your positive emotions and creates charts for you to use in gauging your progress.

About the Author

Sherie Masterson is a writer, as well as a recovering alcoholic and AA sponsor. She stays up-to-date with technology in order to best help peers struggling with recovery. She is working toward a degree in addiction counseling.

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