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Activities to Relieve Stress for Free

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As one of the most widespread health issues in our modern world, stress is a major part of people’s lives. Whether you work a 9 to 5, freelance from time to time, or spend your days chasing little ones around — you’ve experienced stress before. Because it is so common many people don’t often realize how much it can impact their lives. Constant stress can affect your mood, sap your health, and drain your finances. Let’s talk about stress, its impact and how to relieve stress without spending large sums of money.

The Impacts of Stress

We’re all familiar with the emotional impact of stress. You’re more likely to feel sad, angry, or moody under high stress. This, in turn, can affect your day-to-day productivity at work and home, leading you to feel even more distressed. The vicious cycle can continue for days and weeks unless something is done.

Stress affects your body by releasing hormones and that increase can upset every system in your body, from raising your blood pressure, increasing digestive issues, and disrupting your sleep. You’re more likely to feel exhausted, have aches and pains, and suffer from illnesses when you’re stressed out.

What’s more, these physical and emotional changes caused by stress can affect your wallet, too. When your emotions are running high, and you’re feeling physically run-down, you’re more likely to engage in impulse purchases. Stress can cause you to buy fast food, or expensive items you don’t need. In addition, your increased likelihood of getting sick means more doctors visits that can cut into your budget.

What You Can Do

Of course, if it were so easy to simply stop stressing, everyone would do it. But with our busy lives and demanding work days, it can be hard to let the tension go. You may not even realize how often you’re feeling tense.  Some of the largest causes of stress are work, money, and family. Working over 40 hours a week or delivering your work under pressure or a tight deadline is often cited as a cause of undue stress. While you likely can’t quit your job, it’s important to be able to separate from the stresses of your day from your time to relax at home.

That’s why practicing stress-relieving activities is essential. Even just a few minutes a day spent on de-stressing can go a long way towards improving your overall mood and health. For some great ways to practice stress-relieving activities in your life, check out this infographic by Turbo. Plus, for those who frequently feel worried about their finances, or tend to go for stress-relieving shopping sprees, every one of these great tips are free.

Whether you’re burdened by life changes, work responsibilities, or debt and finances, engaging in regular stress-relieving activities can drastically improve your mood and overall health. And no, you don’t have to change your entire life overnight. Even if you have just five minutes a day to combat stress, a few intentional activities can go a long way to ease your mind. No need to worry about costs associated with stress-busting activities, either. There are several highly effective ways to reduce stress for no cost at all.

Take a look at the infographic below for our tips to relieve stress without placing extra burden on your wallet

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