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Achieving Great Goals Depends on Hard Work

achieve great goals

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Achieving great goals often depends on hard work. We frequently compare success to an iceberg— we see only the tip that emerges and forget the existence of the submerged part, which is the most consistent.

Michael Jorden said “Many have talent, but skill requires hard work … Many people believe that my way of playing was a gift from God, while in reality it is above all the result of hours of work in the gym.”

Achieving Great Goals

There is a widespread tendency to emphasize the great enterprises of successful men as if their results depended exclusively on a combination of luck and innate talents, forgetting all the hard work and commitment that almost always hide behind such important goals.

Often this mechanism is activated by our mind to explain our failure to achieve goals and to justify to ourselves the laziness in the profusion of effort.

No matter how ambitious our goals are, by constantly committing ourselves and by doing a few small actions every day that will lead us towards an intermediate goal, we will successfully achieve the desired goal.

Of course, obstacles and unexpected events will be an integral part of this journey, but we cannot allow them to stop us, in any situation there il always something that we can do to take a step towards our objective

Christiano Ronaldo, the  Portuguese professional footballer stated“I think I’m good, but my great talent is mental strength. The numbers don’t lie, in the last 15 years I have almost always kept to the same levels, this thanks to the efforts made, dedication, hard work, talent is not enough, If you don’t always give 100% in all, you don’t get to the big goals you want to achieve.”


But be careful! This does not mean that we can achieve anything but only that, with commitment and dedication, we can aim for results that luck alone would hardly allow us to achieve and, above all, to maintain.

Two aspects are to be kept in mind: the first is a “natural kit” of skill that will give us the limits with which we will have to confront. The second is the strength of motivation. Becoming the best footballer in the world would not necessarily justify a life of training, rigid diets and other good habits.

There are many outcomes that it are probably not convenient to achieve, simply because their cost-benefit analysis is negative, that is, the costs outweigh the benefits.

An Ongoing Dialog with Massimo Priviero

After talking about the importance of music and writing , we ask Massimo Priviero how much motivation has guided his life.

In your long career, you achieved what you dreamed of as a teenager. Answer honestly: how much did your natural gifts affect your success and how much did your work and your determination to achieve your goal?

Foreword: I do not consider success as it is understood in this world a value for my life. So I have lived my music and my words without selling my soul, without giving up my freedom and, if you want,  without making silly or commercial songs. It is fundamental for me. Then, I am neither Mozart nor Dylan, — a Mozart  or Dylan is born every fifty years.

To come more to your question, I think they are things that go together. Talents and determination probably have to do with each other and always mix. I’ve been turning my boyhood dream into my life and my job for 30 and more years now. You can call this success in the right and healthy sense of the word.

One of the dominant themes in your artistic production is the concept of “don’t give up” Never surrender (LINK) is the title of one of your most-loved songs, it has become the way that those who follow you greet each other,  and has been used as a slogan by voluntary associations…
How much did the concept of not giving up  mean in your life?

We fall and get up again. we alternate what we call improperly victories and defeats. The idea of not giving up is about how much you value your life. If it’s of real value to you, I mean, you can’t waste it or throw it away. At that moment the idea of not giving up becomes almost a logical consequence.

In your book you talk about a boy, maybe real, maybe the personification of so many guys you met and your personal experience. He too pursues his dreams and collides with a reality that would often lead him in the opposite direction. Have you ever wondered how right it is to pursue a dream and when it is time to set it aside?

It is always right to pursue what we call a dream. Always. And a dream can end when it is replaced by another strong dream. And those who dream “by day” also have the duty to struggle to turn it into something real. In case it ends, I think one fire can be extinguished the moment another is lit. Confronting reality is inevitable and even natural.

We need a vision, an idea, a healthy goal to achieve. Which, again, is not necessarily success as commonly understood. If you can only make people smile or maybe you can give strength to those who cross your path give a different meaning to your life. And even that can be a dream come true.

Falls and rebounds are part of everyone’s life. This is more or less the refrain of your song “Dolce resistenza”, which find an English version in the remake entitled “Resistance

It’s a hymn not to surrender, despite life sometimes puts us in front of mountains to climb.

How many times have we climbed mountains
to shoot at the sky and look for dreams
How many sick days you can’t do without
How much more you ask me my sweet resistance
We’re just tired soldiers marching on
in search of steps that carry forward
And it’s me calling you, calling you again
with the last breath that remained in the throat

We are alive, we are standing

We are all you know

Don’t stop, never stop

We were born to fly

And to fall sooner or later

Don’t stop, never stop

Massimo says:

It’s clear that saying “never stop” has the value of who throws a piece of his heart and his spirit one meter more ahead of the place where he is.

With the desire and the awareness that one meter ahead you won’t find yourself alone but right with your own been really close. Along with a sort of accomplice of life. And there I assure that to hear how often the recording of this song is sung still gives me the creeps at the concerts today. Just because I know that we will be still together, still and just a meter and maybe even a kilometer more forward. Of a common way.

Often motivations come also from people who are close to us. But we’ll face this aspect another time.

About Massimo Priviero

A thirty-year career as a musician, a great attention to the lyrics and messages contained in his songs, a book written looking at the sea an introspective work that examines his life and in which everyone can easily recognize themselves.
“Amore e rabbia” (Love and anger), Vololibero Edizioni, 2019

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