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9 Best Safety Tips for Travelers

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Traveling to a new place can be quite fascinating and makes a wonderful experience. However, the experience won’t be that great if you don’t take appropriate measures about your safety. To ensure you stay safe and keep your belongings while traveling, staying alert always is important. You want to know your surroundings in advance and avoid potential problems. If it’s your first time traveling, then you will need to be extra keen. But after reading this quick guide, you should have fewer worries about your next trip. Just make sure you follow all these top 9 safety tips for travelers.

1. Seek Help from Locals but Avoid Old Scams

When traveling, you will meet new people. However, you need to be careful since you can’t trust everyone. So, even as you hang out with them, always keep your eye on important belongings.

Regardless of where you’re traveling, it’s hard to avoid meeting people who’ll try tricking you and getting away with your valuables. Try to do some research about where you will be visiting and identify possible ways that cons can use to scam tourists to ensure that you don’t become a victim.

You might also want to research the place you will be staying during the trip. Are they located in a safe neighborhood? What do their reviews online say?

2. Write Down Your Emergency Contacts

It’s always crucial that you have emergency info with you at all times. You might find yourself in danger and not have time to start searching for the local police’ contacts. You can avoid being in such a situation by recording your emergency contact info and also directions to your country’s embassy in the country that you’re visiting.

Having the emergency contacts alone is not enough, always save that information where you can easily access them like in your phone. Doing so puts you at a better position because if anything happens, you can quickly call someone and ask for assistance.

3. Check the Official Website of The State Department

Most countries have sites that give current travel advisories.  Ask or look for your county’s site and try to find out more about your traveling destination. Usually, the information provided in these sites details the situations that pose a danger to safety such as health risks or civil unrest and if it is safe to travel to that country. For instance, if you are from Canada, then you can check travel advice here.

4. Lock Up Your Things

When traveling, having the valuable items that you can’t afford to lose can be a terrible idea. However, in case you safety tips for travelerscan’t avoid to keep them home or need them on your trip, you must be cautious and properly store them. Your passport and important IDs should be in a secret place.

If you have any luggage that you need to carry on the roof of your car, make sure you get the best roof rack accessories to ensure that you don’t lose them along the way. Besides, you can call the accommodation of where you stay and ask if they offer other storage options such as locked storage areas, room safes, or lockers.

5.  Travel in Groups

When visiting unfamiliar areas, it is advisable that you travel in a group of possible. Traveling alone is a bit dangerous, especially if you will be out at night. But if you can’t avoid traveling alone then make sure you observe other tips.

 6. Ask for Advice from The Locals

 To be precisely sure of the safest neighborhoods and the sketchy ones too, the best place to get that information travel safety tipsfrom the locals. Most locals are usually friendly and can warn you of the dangerous areas you should avoid.

7. Inform Your Family or Friends Where You Will Be Visiting

Immediately you decide where you’re traveling to, it is crucial that let somebody else know. You can email your friends or family the full itinerary and ensure you ask them to confirm if they received it. It is also crucial that you check in from time to time with them as it helps them to be sure that everything is okay.

8. Don’t Share A Lot of Your Personal Information with Strangers

 For your safety, avoid posting your traveling routes on social media as it makes it easy for someone with evil intentions to know where to find you. Also, don’t share a lot of detail about your accommodation, such as your room number with new people.

9. Have a Backup Plan

A backup plan is a great idea that will help if something goes wrong when traveling. This means that you should have someone you trust who can help in case you need help and keep them updated with your whereabouts.

It is also advisable to carry with you back up IDs in more than one place just in case something goes wrong and you lose the originals. So, before you hit the road, begin by making photocopies of the IDs and your travel plan.


Traveling is fun. However, it’s very easy for everything to change very fast only to end up in a tricky situation. It is therefore vital that you make sure you follow the above tips to ensure that you are always on the safe side.





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