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7 Tips to Have the Perfect Spa Day at Home

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Among all of our to-do lists and other commitments, it is easy to get run down and lose ourselves in the hectic schedules of everyday living. As we juggle these demands, it’s important to note many researchers and experts are proving downtime is actually beneficial to us mentally and physically! Even though at first glance it might appear to be counterproductive to indulge in a little me time, the evidence proves otherwise. Have you considered having a spa day at home?

A little respite from the daily grind can help us affirm our identities, reflect on our lives, resolve tensions, and even reduce the physical effects of stress on our bodies. Yes, a hot bath and meditation CAN lower blood pressure, improve digestion, help maintain blood sugar levels, reduce muscle tension, improve our moods, help us concentrate, and can even promote a better night’s sleep. So, it’s easy to see how a little rest and relaxation just might be what we need to help us become the best version of ourselves.

It’s no secret that a trying day can leave us desiring a chance to break away and squeeze in a few minutes of relaxation, but it’s not always feasible to run away on vacation or hit the spa. We can, however, create the perfect spa day at home to wash away stress and anxiety. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or require fancy equipment. With a little creative thinking and mindful choices, we can whip up a spa day without ever leaving the house.

To help us succeed on this journey, we have compiled the following 7 tips to have the perfect spa day at home:

Give yourself permission to indulge.

 An essential element to creating a perfect home spa day is to enjoy pampering ourselves. Sure, we are replenishing our hair, skin, and soul in the process, but it is essential that we allow ourselves to enjoy this posh treatment. For once, it is all about making ourselves feel special. Round up your favorite creams, scrubs, lotions, and soaps to help you relax and indulge without leaving your home. If you are running low on your favorite beauty products, head to the kitchen and pantry to craft simple scrubs or treatments.

Create a relaxing environment.

Turn down the lights, burn your favorite candles, decorate with your favorite flowers, play a relaxing playlist, and use your good towels to design the perfect environment for relaxing. All of these items are great, but when they are combined they can transform any home into the perfect spa oasis.

Limit distractions.

 Turn off your cell phone, put the kids down for a nap, or avoid answering any emails while you relax. For many of us, this isn’t always an easy feat. But, by avoiding interruptions we can maximize this time so we can reap all those emotional and physical benefits a spa day promises.

Turn on the steam.

No spa day at home would be complete without a steamy bathroom scene. Create your own sauna effect by simply running hot water or using a humidifier to increase the room’s moisture. The warm damp air is great for soothing tired muscles, opening pores, and even easing congestion or stuffy nasal airways.

Tap into the power of flowers.

 When we envision spa treatments, we often think of flowers and for good reason. Flowers offer a variety of health benefits that can range anywhere between stress reduction, aromatherapy, and skin healing properties all while adding the perfect ambiance to a spa day at home. Consider surrounding yourself with your favorite blooms or soothing your skin with a homemade rose water toner.


Add a little heat.

 In addition to steam, warmth can be soothing and relaxing. Plan ahead and put towels in the dryer for a few minutes so they will be warm and fluffy when you exit your home spa. During the winter, you can also place your favorite lotion on top of the heating vent so it will be warm after your bath. These little details can really maximize your home spa experience.

 Infuse your own water.

A special treat for many spa-goers is the custom infused waters commonly offered. We all know that drinking water is healthy and important, but who wants to drink plain water from the tap? For the perfect spa day at home, go ahead and indulge yourself by making your own infused water blend by dressing up a glass with fruit, cucumbers, herbs, lemon, and lime slices to add a boost of flavor.

What tips can you share for having the perfect spa day at home?

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