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7 Things You Don’t Need to Do Yourself During a Cross-country Move

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 Moving is hard enough when your old and new spaces are within the same city; when you are relocating from one corner of the country to another, you are dealing with an entirely different level of stress and chaos. While most people’s first inclination is to handle a move entirely on their own, you shouldn’t expect to perform most of the work for a cross-country move without professional help. In fact, here are nine crucial tasks that you should feel comfortable paying someone else to do for you.

Buy Boxes and Packing Supplies

The last thing you want to do is crack open the moving truck and find a monumental pile of your belongings to unpack. Delivery companies and home improvement stores both charge out the nose for simple materials like cardboard boxes, so many movers try to do without. You need boxes and other packing materials, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay a premium for them.  It is possible to find boxes in a variety of sizes in recycle bins behind retail stores. You might even try calling certain stores to ask if they will set aside boxes, so you can avoid dumpster diving.

Rent a Truck

Your car isn’t big enough to carry all your belongings across the country — that’s just a fact. You need to acquire some strategy for transporting your stuff from here to there, but a truck isn’t it. The problem with truck rental is you will need an enormous vehicle to take all your possessions in one trip, which is mandatory when you are relocating across the country. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have the proper license to drive a truck of the right size, so truck rental is simply out of the question. Instead, you should strongly consider hiring movers or else using a service like Pods, which will convey your shipping container for you.

Carry Boxes and Furniture

The most back-breaking work of the entire move is walking your furniture and boxes to and from the truck. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to succumb to serious back and knee injuries from improper lifting and carrying form during a move. To ensure you stay on your feet, you should outsource the heavy lifting to the professionals — professional movers, that is. Not only do they have the strength to pick up boxes and furniture that would crush you, but they have the experience to negotiate tight corners and doorways without causing damage to themselves or your stuff.

Set up New Services

You want to have electricity, gas, phone, cable and internet services ready to go as soon as you step foot in your new home, but you don’t need to call all those providers and set up your utilities from afar. Instead, there are providers that transfer these services for you. All they need is your name, your old and new addresses and a few more personal details. Typically, these services aren’t free, but your real estate agent might be able to provide you with a connection that reduces or eliminates the costs.

Assemble New Furniture

Often, cross-country movers opt to leave their old furniture behind and invest in new pieces for their new digs. Unfortunately, most furniture nowadays comes unassembled, and putting your chairs and tables together can take days of toil. Instead, you should pay professionals to do that for you. You can look up service providers of this type in your destination city; for instance, Balt furniture assembly service pros will work in Baltimore, Maryland and surrounding suburbs.

Paint or Remodel Your New Space

Your new place won’t feel like home until you make it your own, which typically requires a fresh coat of paint as well as potentially more extensive renovations. While you might be tempted to do this yourself — especially after you just outlaid so much cash on your move — it usually isn’t worth the effort. If you don’t have much experience with DIY, the finish you achieve won’t be perfect. Meanwhile, professional painters and contractors can be in and out of your space quickly and guarantee a high-quality look.

Organize Your New Space

There is no better time to get organized than right after a move. When you are starting fresh with a new space, you can lay the foundation for impeccable organization into the future — but only if you have a professional organizer guiding your organization decisions. In fact, a professional organizer can even take over the effort of unpacking all your boxes, so you can get to work sooner and avoid the anguish of finding the perfect place for all your junk.

A cross-country move is always going to be stressful, but you can reduce your expense and workload dramatically by having good information, a solid plan and trustworthy service providers by your side.

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