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7 Fun and Unusual Facts about Traveling Around the World


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We all love traveling. But what most of us do is put off nine out of ten travel plans thinking it is not necessary. We wait for the right time to come or diligently prepare itinerary that kind of makes a trip unexciting. Taking an unknown road should be entirely about exploring – people, places, culture, food, fashion, language, and most importantly, yourself. It reflects your capacity to adapt to any circumstances in life. Travelling puts forth the challenges you need to surpass to reach a destination. Here is a list of some fun and unusual facts about traveling that are sure to motivate you right away.

1. France has the most number of tourists in the world.

To be precise, 89 million people visited France in the year 2017, making it the most visited country. And Paris happens to be the most popular city with a record of 30 million visitors every year. It has a romantic image, strategic locations, wine, cheese, art, and history. Most couples love to travel to ignite feelings of intimacy and discover each other more. Couples can travel together to get out of their routine and find ways to show affection. What else could be a better place than France! Furthermore, French is one of the top five happiest languages in the world.

2. Canada has the most number of lakes and the most educated population in the world.

There are 31,752 lakes in the country that makes for 60% of the world’s lake. Also, the country has the most educated population in the world. More than 50% of the population has a post-graduate or graduate degree. People say traveling makes you smarter. Who knows making a trip to Canada might boost your intelligence. When you get to meet the intellectuals, you can grasp their wisdom, expand the horizon of knowledge. Traveling can do more than educating. It transforms the mind to think without prejudices and appreciate all even with dissimilarities.

3. Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country.

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Learning languages is quite fascinating. Some people travel to different corners of the world only to learn a foreign language. It raises your standards, puts you on-demand, and makes you a communicable person. Interestingly, a fact is Papua New Guinea is the most linguistically diverse country in the world. The country has 832 indigenous languages of numerous tribes living in the islands. As a remote destination, it is less visited by tourists. But that doesn’t mean it has any fewer spots to visit. You can trek to the mountains, discover the indigenous tribes, and learn the language. Sometimes it is the journey and not the destination that teaches you how to live.

4. The name of a Town in Norway is A.

It is a fact. A Norwegian town has a one-letter name A pronounced as aw. It is a village in the Lofoten islands with a population of 150 people. In the Old Norse language, it means Small River. An additional fun fact, Paul Parry, a British writer, and comedian, traveled from A (Norway) to Bee (Nebraska) on a cycle. He reached the destination three months later, which is officially now called the A to B Day. That is what traveling does. It sets a new road to walk on and discover the world around.

5. Finland is the happiest country on earth.

Travel is a recreational activity where people enjoy spending money rather than on objects. Finland is the happiest country in the world due to numerous factors. The citizens are progressive, value the education system, and urge to remove the gender gap. Happiness spreads easily. If the locals are warm and welcoming towards you, their happy vibe will transmit to you quickly. Travelling can enhance your mental well-being. So, if you wish to gather some happiness, get a carte a gratter to list out the countries you wish to visit. Keep Finland on top.


6. Miami has the busiest cruise port.

Miami is famous for its beaches. But the city is also one of the busiest cruise ports in the world. It has a record of 4.8 million passengers in the year 2017 and continues to have passenger traffic of 4.33 million. If you like beaches and cruise rides, you know where to go. The experience will be relaxing, and you can find your serenity even amidst the hustle.


7. Free wine fountain in Italy.

So, wine tasting can be free somewhere in the world it seems. Cammino di San Tommaso is a pilgrimage trail of 315 kilometers. At the end of this trail in the town of Ortano, Italy you will find a free 24-hour wine fountain open for tourists. You get to explore a new place and satisfy your palette with the local red wine tasting. But the motive is to quench the thirst of the travelers and not to get all drunk.


A vacation, trip, or adventure gives you the chance to do novel stuff. It is enduring and a memory you can keep for the rest of your life. Every place offers something to learn and gives you the scope to grow into a better human being.








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