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7 Foods that will Boost Creativity and Brain Power

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Pablo Picasso is one of the most successful artists in history. He single-handedly powered the revolutionary Cubic art movement. When Picasso realized the link between the brain, creativity, and food, he asked his doctor for a prescription of brain-boosting foods. Though foods alone could not be credited for Pablo’s creativity, it’s worth looking at as it can actually boost one’s creativity.  Like Picasso, the rules of creativity and brainpower has not changed. To be more creative, you’ll need to eat more—not only in good quantity but also in quality.

Brain Foods are like gas to the car; there are lots of gasoline for the car, but from experience, we’ve all come to understand that there are certain oils which are good, and others which are not. Same way with brain-boosting foods. Some are extremely important while others do little or no help in boosting brain power and creativity.

Below we’ve listed time-tested foods which have been proven to boost brain power. Include them in your diets today, and you’ll be amazed at the increased in the number of creative ideas that will come naturally to you.

Cold Water Fish

The brain is a mass of fats and to maintain this fat content, you’ll need to take in the right type and in the right brain powerquantity for optimal performance.

Coldwater fishes are the best sources of omega 3, which is the best food for the brain.

Omega 3 helps build brain neurons and helps boost the brains overall transmission power. When increased, the brain transmission power helps coordinate different parts of the brain for more creativity.

The best source of omega 3 acids is aquatic lives such as salmon and mackerel – these two being also great sources of vitamin D, which is also vital for the body.

If you must increase your creativity, including omega 3 in your diet is not an option and when these fishes are not readily available, you can supplement your meals with omega 3 supplements.


Protein is needed for healthy tissue growth. Protein as a nutrient provides the body with adequate amount of brain powermaterials necessary for healthy growth and repair of tissues.

Naturally, it’s quite impossible to take in the right amount of protein needed for healthy growth without significantly adding weights. This is why eggs continue to remain the healthy choice of protein amongst most healthy weight loss lovers.

Eggs provide a healthy source of protein for the human body. Its protein content is relatively high and as such provides relatively high nutrients in a condensed quantity.

Eggs not only provide protein which is necessary for brain and body cells growth and regeneration, it has been shown that eggs also contain an active amount of choline.

Choline has been shown by many studies to improve cognitive ability and even ability to recollect things easily.

You may want to add hardboiled eggs to your servings each day to improve your boost your brain creativity. Ensure you eat the yolk as it contains the most amount of choline.

Cruciferous Greens

Not all of us understood why our parents  want us to eat broccoli or cauliflower. Not that they are the brain powermost delicious food, but most of us were coerced to gulp them down anyway.

Well thanks to parents for that, because, according to scientists,  cruciferous greens help boost brain power and creativity.

Cruciferous greens like cauliflower and broccoli contain potassium which helps the brain in healing itself.

They are also amongst the few rich sources of vitamin K which helps in improving one’s cognitive ability plus they are low in fats and won’t alter your weight no matter the quantity you take in. This makes them very suitable for filling your stomach and preventing hunger pangs which inadvertently leads to weight gain.



Even though the body needs lots of glucose for energy, it is not able to produce nor adequately store them for brain powerfuture use. As such you’ll need to take in a large amount of foods rich in glucose for peak performance.

Oatmeal is the best source of glucose for the body. It contains a large amount of carbs which are in turn broken down into glucose. The body burns these for energy.

To boost creativity and increase your output during the day, you may want to start that day with an Oatmeal breakfast. This way your brain gets all the energy it needs to stay active and sharp during the day without shutting down because of inadequate energy supply.


Nuts – just about any kind of nuts are essential for boosting creativity and brain power.brain power

All nuts are rich sources of protein, antioxidants and essential fats which helps you focus.

Walnut is often regarded as the best source of brain foods compared with other types of nuts. This nut contains a significant amount of alpha-linolenic acids which is a type of omega 3 acids needed for powering brain transmission and neuron growth.

It has also been demonstrated that a good intake of nuts can also help prevent degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.

To get the best benefits from nuts, eat at least an ounce of nuts – cashews, walnuts, almonds, etc. every day.


In using chocolate bars to build your brain power and creativity, the rule of “moderate is best” is the best approach.

Chocolate, when taken in excess, will do more harm than any good. It could lead to fat build-ups. Excessive intake of chocolate is also not healthy for maintaining your blood sugar levels and tilts your body more towards diabetes.

But when taken in sufficient amount, chocolate is a real brain booster. It can cause regular circulation of blood in the brain for three solid hours when ingested.

The increase in the flow of blood to the brain light up different brain parts for creativity and ecstasy.

Not only does chocolate boost brain power through proper blood circulation, but it also helps keep the brain “awake” by supplying an adequate amount of carbs for energy.


Teas, unlike coffee, contain a low amount of caffeine which can help keep you awake and active.brain power

Also, certain Teas like the Green tea have a long-lasting impact on brain connectivity. This helps improve transmission of impulses between one brain cells to another and from one part of the brain to the other.

The improved connectivity also leads to an increase in the ability to receive and process information. Plus it also boosts one’s ability to come up with ideas and quick solutions.

Alcohol has been used for generations to improve creativity. And it rightly deserves the credit of been the beat brain booster out there. We’ve purposely omitted it from this list.  Despite being a great brain booster, alcohol has at the same time caused more problems to users than its creative power could solve.

When it comes to eating to boost brain performance and creativity, quantity is significant. The brain alone uses about 20% of the body’s total energy. As such you’ll need to take in an adequate amount of food for improved brain performance.

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