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7 benefits of owning a dog

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benefits of owning a dog

You know what they say: “dogs are man’s best friend,” and, as cliché, as it sounds, it’s actually true. Dogs are gorgeous, loyal animals that will love you no matter what. They’re beautiful, affectionate, friendly, and they provide you with companionship when you really need it. But, did you know that they also had actual health benefits? Believe it or not, dogs do make you healthier! How, you ask? Well, keep on reading, and you’ll find out! Maybe you’ll even seriously think about adopting a dog after that? It’s never too late! Here are seven benefits of owning a dog. 

1.    They make your immune system better

Did you know that children that grow up in a house with a dog are less likely to develop allergies? It sounds counterintuitive, and yet, it has been proven by science! And, because dogs are always covered in germs, it also tends to make our immune system better. Since we get used to the diverse bacteria in these animals, our bodies tend to become stronger. This made it that people with dogs (especially children) are less likely to get sick, compared to their non-dog owning peers.

2.    They help with stress

benefits of owning a dog

Yes, dogs are officially better than stress balls! Studies have shown that physical contact with a dog (such as petting him and patting his head) releases a good amount of oxytocin, the happiness hormone, in both pet and owner. This means that humans can actually release stress by petting their dog every time they feel anxious.

Dogs can also be therapy pets, and help people with mental health issues such as depression. So, really, dogs are good for your psyche!

3.    They keep your heart healthy

Petting or playing with a dog can lower your blood pressure, which will make your heart, in turn, healthier. People who own dogs are also known for having better health (as we already stated before) and having a better sleep quality. Another study has also shown that people who experience heart attacks are eight times more likely to get better if they live with a pet, be it a dog or a cat (or a turtle, people have their preferences after all).

4.    They help you get more exercise

…and just make your lifestyle more active. As you know, a dog (whether a Corgi or a Gerberian Shepsky) needs physical exercise in the form of running, walking, or playing fetch. This, in turn, will make you more active since you’ll have to accompany your dog during these activities. Dogs work as a great motivator for people who want to stay in shape or keep a healthy weight.

benefits of owning a dog

5.    They simply make you happier

As said before, dogs release the happiness hormone in your brains, which in turn makes you happier. Research has also shown that people who own dogs are less likely to get depressed, compared to people with no pets. And, even if you happen to be clinically depressed, a dog can be a great friend to keep around. Not only does he offer you companionship and affection, but he also requires you to take care of him. This, in turn, will motivate you to wake up in the morning and get out of bed.

6.    They make you more sociable

Imagine walking down the street on your own, just taking a stroll, when you get stopped by a stranger who simply wants to talk to you. It feels weird, right? Now, imagine this scenario happening while you are walking your dog. Not so peculiar anymore! People are more likely to talk to you if you’re with a dog because it’s the perfect conversation starter. This is even more true when talking about dog lovers, who would talk to anyone just to get to pet their dog.

7.    Finally, they help you prevent loneliness

As you know already, dogs are affectionate creatures. A dog will always cuddle with you when you need it, offer you warmth, friendship, and good material for funny videos on YouTube. Dogs, Pugs and Boradors alike, make for great companions. They’re always here for you, trying to please you, showering you with love even when you’re not asking for it.

There you have it—seven benefits of owning a dog. Now what? Hmm. I would say go to the nearest shelter and find a dog that falls in love with you and get ready for a wonderful adventure.

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