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6 Ways Technology Can Strengthen Your Marriage

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echnology Can Strengthen Your Marriage
It is believed that technology and marriage are incompatible. However, a new study shows that technology can strengthen the bond and communication in marriage. Find out how to do it.

The latest technologies are designed to improve and simplify human life. However, it is a technology that is blamed for destroying the most valuable thing – relationships. Psychologists sound the alarm, claiming that excessive enthusiasm for social networks, messengers and gadgets will lead to catastrophy – people will forget how to communicate in the usual way. Thus, social ties and support will be destroyed. However, Drs. John Caughlin and Liesel Sharabi’s study proves that technology can actually strengthen your marriage. Here are their tips and advice.

1. Communication Through Messengers

Often during the working day, the couple separates. Everyone has their schedule and the ability to communicate, even by telephone, may be limited. However, everyone can send a short message during the break and read the answer during the next one. Messengers do not replace face-to-face communication, but they perfectly strengthen your marriage, allowing you to stay in touch throughout the day.

It is customary to distinguish several relationship stages. From flirting and dating to marriage. It is believed that marriage is the pinnacle of relationships for a couple. Therefore, it is so important not only to maintain relationships but also to strive to develop and strengthen them. Constantly exchanging messages is a great way to be together even from a distance.

2. Social Media Involvement

Among the happy marriage tips, the prudent use of social media is also highlighted. If your partner actively uses one of them, be his active follower. The study showed that such involvement in the online life of your spouse brings the couple together.

Besides, health technology on social media is also widespread. Find a common interest group, chat with other couples, and organize leisure activities together. Such actions lead to greater openness and frankness in a pair.

3. Calendar and Deadlines

Admit how often you forgot about important events in family life? Anniversaries? First date? Nobody is perfect, but technology can help you. One way to strengthen a marriage is to have a common calendar. Or sync your personal ones.

However, psychologists still recommend having a common one – the online version will be convenient and accessible from any gadget for both spouses. Enter memorable dates, your plans and deadlines for events. So, you can be in the course of life and each other’s plans, help if necessary.

4. Shared Bucket List

The secret of a happy marriage is to do as many things as possible together. Traveling, going to the cinema, visiting exhibitions and other activities help to acquire shared memories. Create a general list of things you would like to do together. A shared online document or note where you enter classes together will help you quickly choose an activity for the evening.

Come up with a rating system – note what you liked and you would like to repeat, and what was good, but you will not repeat.

5. Password Exchange to Strengthen Your Marriage

One of the reasons technologies is blamed for breaking a marriage is passwords. That is, each of the partners has such a private space that another is not allowed into it. Yet technology and marriage can be reconciled. For example, if you exchange passwords and give your partner full access to your applications and e-mail.

This act will confirm the maximum trust in the couple and, possibly, solve the problem of jealousy or closeness of partners. It is important to observe the main condition – the exchange must be mutual. If your partner opened to you and gave such data, you should answer the same.

6. Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are one of the most fashionable technology trends. You can find the app for any purpose. And for a happy marriage, there are apps as well. Some applications resemble happy moments in the past if you synchronize them with social networks. Others help you get to know your partner better: both

Technology Can Strengthen Your Marriage
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spouses answer questions and share the results.

Even a mobile game can enhance a marriage. If you are a member of the same guild or you need the help of a partner, your spouse will always provide it.

So, now you can see that technology can truly strengthen your marriage. The wise use of everyday and familiar things together can bring a couple closer, giving new memories. Which of the following tips do you use? What seemed to you unacceptable? Perhaps you can offer your advice? Share with us in the comments!

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Betty Lockwood is a blogger, mobile apps developer, health tech expert and caring mother of two kids. She loves to write about new technologies, e-commerce news, traveling, and music events. Betty is also editor-in-chief of Computools website. Follow Betty on Twitter.




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