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6 Skills Every College Student Must Develop to be Successful

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How do you prepare yourself for success? Now that you are in college, you are practically preparing yourself for a more competitive life outside your campus. the wNo matter what university you graduate from, sometimes what helps give you the edge against the others are the different skills that you pick up along ay. So if you are preparing yourself for success, here are six important abilities you’ll have to learn.


We all learn how to talk during our toddler years. From there on, we continued practicing our vocabulary and letting people around us know about what we want to say. And as you grow older, knowing how to effectively convey your thoughts and influence other people are important keys to success. To be a good communicator, you need to be attentive of the people you are talking to, sensitive to what they feel, empathic, encouraging and you should also maintain a positive attitude. This way, you get to really express your opinion with respect towards what other people say or think.

Public Speaking.

Once you have nailed down the art of communication, having the ability to communicate with a bigger audience will be an easier task. Having the confidence to stand in front of a crowd and speak your heart out is essential, especially if you are aiming for higher level positions in the workforce. People perceive public speakers as innovators, critical thinkers and influencers. Having the opportunity to speak in public improves your confidence and can also be a way for you to let people know how familiar you are about certain topics. Just remember that the main purposes of public speaking is to inform, entertain and persuade.

Time Management.

Time is a very important commodity in life. With only 24 hours available in a day, it is essential that you hone your skills in properly managing your time and making the most of every minute of your life. To be efficient and productive on a daily  basis, you should know how to schedule everything, prioritize what’s important and plan your activities ahead. You need to be conscious of how much time you spend on each of your activity and as much as possible, avoid procrastinating.


Collaboration is a very important life skill to gain in your preparation for becoming a member of the workforce. Whatever company you may plan to work for, you will surely be working with your workmates to achieve a common goal. Once you are employed, you will be expected to exercise camaraderie along with your fellow employees, both for the success of the company and yours.

Personnel Management.

Once you have gained the first four skills, knowing how to take charge and manage people will be the next important skill that you should gain. Knowing how to work with your team is one thing, but knowing how to manage the group is another. Being in charge means you will have to take charge of how your team members perform. You will need to monitor their performance, and if necessary, you should coach them to help them perform better.


It is everywhere. For almost every type of job, there will always be technology involved. From computers to machinery, to many other gadgets and contraptions in the workplace or even at home. Whatever industry you may become a part of, it is important that you educate yourself about whatever productivity tools you will need to be better with your job.

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