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6 oral health benefits of antioxidant supplements

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There are various ways you can deal with oral health, and one of them is by use of antioxidant Supplements. According to the online dental health database Lexicomp, these supplements come with useful compounds such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, as well as ?-carotene, among many others. These compounds tend to help dental patients to prevent or treat oral dental problems. They also reduce the availability of free radicals and deal with reactive oxygen species, thus preventing the occurrence of most dental conditions. The list contains conclusive details of how antioxidant supplements benefit oral health even to those patients undergoing pain-free dentistry.

Antioxidants and Oral Health

Some of the main benefits for oral health include:

They prevent dental caries

Dental caries, commonly known as tooth decay, is where your tooth breaks down due to bacteria, thus causing a cavity. If the hole persists, it may reach the nerve cells, and causes discomfort whenever you consume something hot or cold. The antioxidant supplement eliminates the bacterias that cause plaque on your teeth, thus preventing your tooth from decaying further. The total antioxidant of saliva is also very critical when it comes to preventing dental caries. That means you need antioxidants to prevent tooth decay.

Helps in tackling oral cancer

Oral cancer is among the most persistent types of cancer, with only a 50% survival rate among patients. According to a popular dentist database, one of the best ways to prevent this type of cancer is to turn to antioxidant supplements. They are very good at preventing the process of carcinogenesis, a leading cause of oral cancer. The antioxidant supplements contain ?-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E, which prevents significant problems such as the decay of your teeth, keeps off pre-cancerous cells and thus prevents any likelihood of you ending up with oral cancer.

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They can inhibit Oral sub-mucous fibrosis or OSMF

There are so many premalignant changes that you can see in the oral cavity. The condition tends to be chronic and often brings along inflammation as well as progressive fibrosis that happens on the submucosal tissues. The doctor will thus examine your mouth and since it can be painful, pain-free dentistry is advisable during treatment. Remember, if the condition persists, you may find yourself unable to open your mouth. The doctor can recommend antioxidant supplements to reverse the effects of Oral sub-mucous fibrosis.

They are useful in treating leukoplakia

There is no better way to cure or prevent further spread of pre-cancerous lesions in the mouth than using antioxidant supplements. The supplements are good at reversing the oral mucosa in leukoplakia, thus leading to the improvement of your general oral wellness. Some of the best antioxidant supplements contain Vitamin C, ?-carotene as well as vitamin E. These elements help prevent the occurrence of pre-cancerous cells in your mouth, including leukoplakia. In most cases, the leading causes of leukoplakia are tobacco. That means whether you smoke or chew tobacco, you will have to quit.

They are good at fighting off reactive oxygen species

Depending on your lifestyle choices, you may find that your oral tissues, especially the oral fibroblasts, tend to get exposure to free radicals. It may thus lead to various problems such as damage to the tissues. It is therefore advisable that you take antioxidant supplements that are going to help in fighting the reactive oxygen species. By doing so, you get to protect your fibroblasts from impending damages. It is one of the benefits of antioxidant supplements that is hard to ignore. If left unchecked, reactive cells can cause adverse damages, and it may end up being fatal.

Antioxidants reduce or treat gingivitis

Among the many uses of antioxidants in oral health is their ability to prevent gingivitis. These supplements fight reactive oxygen species, which often damage the cells in your mouth. Once they react, they tend to cause damage to your gums. Some of the main symptoms of damaged gums include reddening and sometimes bleeding. The antioxidants shield the cells in the mouth from any reactive oxygen species, thus preventing gingivitis.

Those are so far the six oral benefits of antioxidant supplements in oral health. These supplements consist of compounds that tend to keep out any pre-cancerous cells. They also prevent reactive oxygen species from becoming prevalent in your mouth, thus leading to problems such as gingivitis. Their main aim is to help you improve or maintain your oral health throughout. You should, however, ensure that you strictly follow the doctors’ advice on how to take the antioxidant supplements so that you may avoid complicating the situation.



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