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6 obstacles that are stopping you from achieving life goals

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You have probably been a dreamer at some point in your life. Unfortunately, these dreams may have quickly deteriorated as a result of fears imposed by societal norms.

How often do you question yourself, and then abandon something you were excited to pursue?

It often seems like the easiest option is to abandon our aspirations and take the path of complacency. If you are tired of this outlook on life and want to overcome the obstacles that are stopping you from achieving life goals, the first step is to identify what these obstacles are. Here is a list of some of the greatest barriers to your success:

A false perception of love will stop you from achieving life goals

Many people blame their lack of commitment to goals, on love. You may often hear the words: “I have a family now, my responsibilities and goals have changed.” This is based on a false perception of love. True love is based on compromise and should never restrict you from working towards your true life purpose.

Expecting others to understand our purpose

In your head, your ideas may seem realistic but to others unfathomable. The key to success is to understand that the people around you are never going to fully contemplate your dreams and goals. They are less likely to even understand your capabilities and perseverance. Never be dissuaded to achieve your goals because someone tells you it’s not possible.

An unbalanced viewpoint on risk

Risk is subjective. A billionaire losing a hundred thousand will consider it a minuscule risk while a store manager will consider it a great loss. Don’t let the generic viewpoint on risk cloud your judgment and prevent you from striving towards goals. Risk for you will be different from everyone else—learn to measure it properly, and you will find the decision-making process much easier.

A possible “untrue” future

You probably have a great idea of what you should be doing right now. Yet you still find yourself stuck in a dead end reality. But why? Quite simply it’s the thoughts running through your head. It’s that inner voice telling you: “you probably going to fail at that—it would be better to stick with the safer option.” Always realize that the future is just that. It is unpredictable. Never let the fear of something that may never happen stop you from achieving something that could bring you purpose.

Complacency shouldn’t stop you from achieving life goals

Everyone has the mindset to preserve what they have. Whether it’s the money in their bank account or their belongings. We live in a materialistic world, and this feeling is normal. This is the very reason people feel obliged to stay in their current lifestyles that bring them little happiness. To them, mediocrity is acceptable. But you should never be “okay” with your life, you should be overwhelmingly excited about it. Stop letting complacency keep you from achieving “great” as opposed to “okay.” If you take the path of least resistance and you will probably never grow as a person.

The altruistic mindset

Wanting to please others by not achieving life goals is the worst thing you could do for yourself and the ones you love. Self- sacrifice leads to self-hate. If you don’t love yourself, you can’t possibly love those around you. You are probably going to wake up 10-20 years down the line with regret. If you want to read more about how being selfless can sabotage your goals, read this informative article published by the Huffington Post.

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Ash Govender is a practicing engineer and aspiring polymath. He has a deep interest in how the mind works. Through his blog, he gives great insight on how to make better and more productive use of the mind to achieve goals. His hopes are to make a hub-spot for intellectual thinkers and to promote better ways of thinking and making decisions. Contact Ash at admin AT mind spurt DOT com.

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