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5 Ways to Stay Happier and More Engaged at Work

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Work life takes up a pretty solid portion of the day for a lot of people. The bulk of each day, week, month, year, and life is spent working. For that reason, it’s important to take happiness at your job seriously. Engagement has a lot to do with happiness and vice versa.

In order to stay engaged and feel more connected to your job, you may want to remedy a few problems you have with your work life. This may include staying connected with your company culture, ensuring you are staying healthy on the job, knowing your future opportunities, taking inventory of your mental health, and finding solutions to the problems causing you to be unhappy or disengaged. Since work takes up so much of your time, it’s important to feel fulfilled and happy during that time.

Take Advantage of Positive Company Culture

Company culture is becoming increasingly important to more companies. Company culture is essentially a company’s personality and essence. Some companies push a more laid-back and comfortable atmosphere, while others rely on a very professional and poised feel. Whatever your company culture is, take advantage of it. Many companies pushing for a more positive culture like to take care of their employees’ basic needs in order to supply a positive environment. This includes their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. To accomplish this, a company may push for healthy food options, better hours, alternative work spaces, and a passion for their work. If your company offers these things, take advantage and get involved in their culture. It may help to stay more engaged and happier overall.

Making Work a Healthy Environment

Whether or not your company prioritizes a healthy work environment, you can create one for yourself. Bringing your own lunch can deter you from spending too much money on eating out or buying less nutritious meals. Talk to your company about offering a standing desk or being able to take walking breaks. Consider a yoga ball instead of a traditional chair. Or discuss the options available for a company-sponsored outdoor activity or gym membership. Making your work environment a healthy one can do great things for engagement and happiness. Good sleep and a healthy diet can help you to feel less sluggish and more attentive.

Consider Your Opportunities

If you are becoming more complacent with work and is no longer challenging, it may be time to look to the future of your employment. This might mean seeking ways to move up within your company, making a career change altogether, or furthering your education in order to take your career to the next level. For instance, a nurse who obtains their MSN degree can specialize in a field of nursing they enjoy and receive more responsibility and higher pay. The same is true for many other types of fields including engineering, education, public relations, etc. Looking towards the future of your career and where exactly you’d like to end up long term is a great way to jumpstart your passion for your field and get excited about where you’d like to go from here.

Take a Mental Break

Sometimes our head tends to get in the way of our motivation. If you are feeling tired, overwhelmed, anxious, annoyed, or exhausted by something at work, take a mental break. This can mean taking a walk to clear your mind, walking to a friend’s desk for a chat, or taking a personal day to remove your mind from work altogether. If you aren’t engaging or you’re not happy, it’s not always the best thing to keep trying to force it. Face what is clouding your mental state. Remedy those problems before they get so out of hand that you can’t seem to find happiness in work anymore. Taking a mental break can help you feel rejuvenated and better able to stay engaged — and therefore happier with your work life.

Take Inventory and Find Solutions

If you’re not able to stay engaged and happy at work, maybe you should try to figure out why. Take inventory of your issues and find solutions to them. If your environment is riddled with distractions, then you may want to consider finding an alternative workspace. If you don’t feel connected to your team members, the solution may be to have a meeting about your communication. Perhaps you have issues staying productive; you can try an app to help keep you on task. If you’re not engaged, there must be a reason why. Find that reason and then you’ll be able to find the solution. Be honest about the things about your workflow that you need to work on, how you feel about your management, if you feel passionate about your work, or if your coworkers are hard to work with. Those may be tough things to take inventory of, but they may have simple solutions that can help you feel happier in the long run.

Work isn’t always a walk in the park. It’s called “work” for a reason. You’re not always going to feel completely happy, fulfilled, and connected to your job. However, the scale should always lean more towards the happy side than the unhappy side. If your scale is leaning the wrong way, you may want to work towards staying more engaged and finding your happiness at work. Try taking advantage of your company culture, creating a healthy work environment, looking for more work opportunities, taking a mental break, or finding where the true problems lie. This way you can stay engaged at work and tip the scales so that your work life stays on the happy side.

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