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5 Ways to Start Believing in Yourself 

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5 Ways to Start Believing in Yourself 

One of the most challenging aspects of life today is likely to be how much you believe in yourself. Self-esteem is a difficult topic to grasp, and many of us can find ourselves caught unawares about our lack of belief. Do you feel like this has been limiting your ability to be yourself and to reach your potential? If so, it’s time to start looking at your own self-belief and begin believing in yourself.  Here are five ways that you can start working on that self-belief to become comfortable with yourself and the ideas and skills you portray.

What Makes You Uncomfortable?

The best way to start making a change to your self-belief is to look at what makes you feel low in the first place. What is that zone? That particular topic that you do not like dealing with or engaging with?

It’s important that you know and that you work this out as quickly as possible. Taking the time to appreciate that you have subjects and skills that can make you feel weak and lack confidence is a fine skill to learn.

It helps you understand where you need to work on. Simply just looking at what you are bad at allows you to know where improvement has to come from in the future. It will help you build up self-belief as you can see that you have areas to work on, not that you have no discernible skills to begin with in the first place!

Accept Failure is a Lesson

One of the most powerful skills that you can have onside, though, is the ability to accept failure. Many of us see failure as a dereliction of our own ambition and intelligence. Too many treat it as something that is unforgiveable, though. You have to accept that to learn how to succeed you will first need to fail. This is very important to grasp and it should help you make a significant difference to how you view yourself.

Stop seeing the fact you failed as proof you suck! Start looking at failure as a lesson. Lessons are where we make ourselves improve and become more talented and skilled in just about any discipline. If you only ever look at yourself as someone who improves when you succeed, it’s little wonder you have no self-belief!

Failure is part of the journey – embrace that for long-term success.

Practice Makes Perfection

It’s an old adage, but one that too many don’t make use of in their lives. By learning through repeated experimentation and failure we can become far better at any given subject. One major issue though, is that many of us see a lack of grasping a topic as a major failure – as a lack of quality or intelligence.

It’s nothing of the sort!

Should you wish to reach the level of skill that your peers have, you need to practice. They too failed countless times to get where they are. They no doubt even had the same crisis of confidence that you are suffering from now.

If you want to avoid this feeling from becoming incessantly repetitive then you have to start practice. You are stronger than you think. Take every bit of progress, no matter how minor, as a sign of your personal and professional development.

It’s never been easier to make telling contribution to the world around you than by practicing. Think how high your self-belief is going to soar when you start paying attention to all the things that you can do well. It’s going to make a massive difference in the future.

Failure Won’t Kill

The last two ideas are all about continuing to practice, and valuing the power of practice. The other thing you have to accept is that failure does not beat you – it makes you who you are. We all fear failure as if it’s the end of our life as we know it. Well, why does that have to be the case?

Failure never is the thing that makes us terrible. It’s a lack of failure, and a willingness to only succeed, that does so. If you are not willing to fail, then you are not willing to try. Very rarely do we get something right consistently from the start.

Once you learn that failure is a vital skill in helping you get better and to overcome challenges, you’ll go further in life. Crucially, you’ll believe in yourself far more when you realise failure does not finish you off.

Turn off “That Voice”

In every one of us lingers a dark and deeply unsatisfying voice. This voice has no belief in us or our skills, and lacks any empathy with our ability to succeed. It is, for all intents and purposes, the worst part of trying to change. It makes it harder to believe in ourselves, as part of us is always chastising our curiosity and convincing the rest of our minds that we’re not good enough.

That kind of negative self-talk, though, is what is ruining your self-belief. The minute you cast aside that negative train of thought and actually try something out is the minute you realize how wrong it was. And besides, as we mentioned above, what’s the big deal with failure?

It develops skill and character, after all. Turn that voice off and ignore your negative mind-set, and self-belief will soar with each passing day.

There is no magic cure to a lack of self-belief, unfortunately. Only the desire to make a rapid change to the way that you think and feel is enough. It’s time that you stopped prioritizing a fear of failure over taking action. Those who fear failure will never meet success.

As such, you’ll never change that mind-set. A fear of seeing yourself fear is actually making your self-belief harder to come by. The minute that you cast this aside and start seeing the value of personal development through experimentation is the day that your self-belief will start to soar.

By Frank Lavine: Writer for, the site where people are encouraged to live actively and take charge of their lives.

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