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5 Ways to Keep Everyone Happy on Vacation


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Everyone deserves to be happy on vacation. Not to mention, looking out for everyone’s happiness can ensure you enjoy your vacation right along with them! 

Vacations can be a lot of fun, but they aren’t always. Vacations can be especially unenjoyable when you’re traveling with children, but even adults can get cranky. That’s because the more people you’re vacationing with, and the younger they are, the harder they are to keep happy!

Plan Something Everyone Will Love

Everyone in your group already has ideas about what they want to do on vacation. Chances are, there are at least a few places where everyone’s dreams overlap, which means you can plan one or two things to do that everyone will love.

A few ideas include:

  • Purchase a vacation package online that includes tickets to shows, theme parks, and more.
  • Plan a day at the zoo or a local aquarium.
  • Spend a lazy day by the pool or on the beach.

It does depend on what your family considers fun. For example, if your family prefers an adventure, rent bicycles or take surfing lessons when you’re on the beach instead of spending the entire day lounging on the sand.

Split Up

Spending time together is a wonderful way to spend your vacation, but it’s not if what you think is fun isn’t what someone else on your vacation thinks is fun. Plan a few fun things to do together, but don’t be afraid to spend time apart.

Give everyone a day to plan on their own, even if it means everyone gets pulled apart or split up for an afternoon so some of you can go shopping while the rest of you head to the pool.  Everyone will return to the hotel room a lot happier than if they were forced into doing activities during the day they weren’t interested in.

Simplify Your Travel Arrangements

The whole point of your vacation is what you do when you get there, but getting to and from your destination is just as much a part of your vacation experience. If you’re traveling with a group, especially if that group includes small children, you have to think carefully about your travel arrangements.

There are many ways to get around on vacation, and what you choose will depend on the people you’re traveling with. For example, a direct flight might be more convenient for a group of adults, but all that time on the same airplane can get uncomfortable for kids. It might be better to book a connecting flight to give the little ones a break.

How you get around when you get there is important too! Learn how to get a bus pass in the city, or rent a car in smaller cities and rural areas. Choose a hotel with a shuttle to and from the airport.

Take Time to Rest

What is the purpose of your vacation? No one would say it’s to get as tired as possible, but that’s often what happens because people over-plan their stay. Instead, recharge your health and happiness on vacation by giving everyone time to rest.

That doesn’t mean everyone has to take a nap! Instead, plan a lazy afternoon by the pool or return to the room early one evening to watch a movie. It will enable you to have more energy for your next activity, and you won’t feel like you need a vacation from your vacation when you return home.

Be Flexible About Food and Bedtime

It is important to be flexible when you’re on vacation. That means being flexible about what you do and when you do it, but it also means being flexible about food and bedtime.

It’s a lot of fun for all ages to stay up a little later and eat junk food when you’re on vacation, so be willing to let the kids go to bed a little later and eat foods they might not normally get at home.

However, don’t be too flexible. Regular bedtimes are important for you and your children, and eating the right food is important to your health. So, let everyone stay up late, but not too late, and if you eat junk food at lunch, look for a healthier dinner.

Whether a vacation is successful or not often depends on whether everyone has fun. Make sure everyone enjoys themselves as much as possible with these tips and you can ensure you enjoy yourself too.

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