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5 Ways to develop your intuition

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5 Ways to develop your intuition

Intuition is your ability to learn or acquire knowledge, but the meaning may vary from accessing your unconscious knowledge, inner sensing, and unconscious cognition to understanding a thing instinctively, minus the need for conscious reasoning. Developing your intuition will help you when it comes to protection, guidance and assistance. There are numbers of reasons why you should develop your intuition because it is a powerful skill living inside of you. A directory of psychics can help you with attaining more knowledge when it comes to intuition.

There are a lot of things your intuition can do for you. It can lessen your stress because you are able to handle your problems properly. It improves and deepens the relationships you already have and it can also help you in identifying your true purpose in life.

Now that you know what your intuition can do for you, it is time to learn how to develop it, in case you are not really aware how it works. We have listed some of the things that you can do to develop and improve your intuitive skills  and how it can affect your day to day living.

1. Meditate as often as you can.

Meditation will help you in accessing your intuition. It can also deepen the connection you have to it. Bydevelop your intuition meditating regularly, your mind will be more clear of distractions. It is not necessary for you to allot more time in meditating—five to ten minutes of meditation is good enough to tune your mind and connect into your deeper desires, needs and feelings. Spending a little of your time in peace and quiet can help you listen to the most subtle messages around you, enabling you to interpret and understand them better.

2. Listen to your dreams.

Dreams or dreaming is another way your intuition can speak to you. Each dream is unique to each individual. You might want to pick up or search for the most accessible dream dictionary because each of your dreams may mean something. Pay attention to the types of dreams that you are having for you to know the messages they deliver. Dreams are clues for us to understand our subconscious mind, our inner feelings and thoughts. Focus on how the dreams made you feel instead of what happened in the dream. This will help you know the better picture as to what the messages your dreams are sending you. Dreams always deliver deeper messages and are often symbolic so keep a dream journal and make sure to write them down immediately to avoid forgetting them.

3. Go on a sabbatical.

Normal life and work is already very stressful and may affect your connection to your intuition. Going on a retreat or an extended break from your normal life will help you reconnect to your deeper thoughts. Try disconnecting from technologies like the Internet, cellphones, computers and the like. Avoid responsibilities and distractions. If you can do it alone, that will be much better. Look for a place where you can be at one with nature with only the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the trees as your music. Take long walks and listen to your innermost thoughts, write on your journal and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding. By doing these things, you are allowing your body and brain to access your intuitive course and invite positive insights. Disconnecting from your normal lifestyle once in a while will help kick-start your intuitive process.

4. Do not confuse intuition with fear or wishful thinking

Learning intuition brings you an edge in your life and we may sometimes confuse it with a fearful or wishful thinking. Learn to identify your deeper understanding compared to your mind’s immediate reaction to a certain feeling or thinking. Mix your intuition with solid interpretation of things to ensure that you are using your brain’s maximum power to know the choices you are supposed to make in your life. There are times when we are so invested in a certain outcome that we neglect what our intuition is telling us. This may affect the decisions that we will make in the future. Do not be carried over by your initial reaction, listen to what your intuition is telling you. Most of the time, it will provide you the best answer to your question.

5. Know when your intuition is speaking to you.

To fully understand what intuition is, you must first know when your intuition is speaking to you. You must be able to recognize when it is tapping you because it is so subtle, you might neglect the message it delivers. Intuition may differ when it comes to sending its messages to us. It may send its message through visions or flashes like in the movie. It can also send its messages through words or physical feelings like discomfort in your gut, goose bumps or even a feeling of relief. Intuition is a deep sense of clarity about things, sometimes you will know when it’s speaking to you when you feel peace when you are going down a path to success or abundance.

Intuition will never shout at you. It will sometimes send the message the quietest way possible so you should know when to respond. You can follow these simple steps to develop your intuition as you may forget how to use it. Our intuition is there to guide us and a little practice on how to improve it will come a long way. Our brain has the ability to pick up the patterns and answer back so intuition is not a skill for a few of people. We all have it; we just need how to learn and how to develop it. This is a well-researched study and following a few easy steps can help your harness its full potential. Listen to your inner thoughts; know what it says and it can be a helpful guide in the future. If you think we have missed something in this article,  please comment below.

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