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5 Things to know about starting archery as a hobby

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archery as a hobby

Archery is fun but one must master the skills first. When you make it a hobby, you will find it exciting, though it can be addictive. You may find some tips online at

However, in this article, we will discuss some tips to help you start archery as a hobby. Remember to practice as much as possible to master the skills. It is also good to learn from the experts. You should also get the tools to make it easier to practice.

Here are 5 Things to know about starting archery as a hobby:

1. Learn the basic techniques

 You may join a good club with well trained and experienced coaches to learn more tips on archery. When you get the tips at the beginning of your training, it becomes easier to master the skills. You may find more information from instructional books. Your aim should be to learn the ten steps.  You should learn and practice these steps to become good at archery.

2. Equipment

 If you join a good club, you will get the necessary equipment for archery. To reduce the initial costs, archery as a hobbyavoid buying all the equipment. Some clubs may require you to come with your equipment. It is advisable to go with the beginner equipment. Before you buy them, ensure that you consult a professional archer to get information regarding the right arrow size and bows.

3. Prepare physically for training

 The skills require one to be physically strong, especially on the upper part of your body. You should train for fitness and build strength. You should also focus on the mastery of shooting on target. Though you may not master the skills fast, with practice, and if you are passionate about it, you will easily master the skills. It is good to monitor progress. This will enable you to remain motivated.

 4. Archery gear

archery as a hobby
Photo by Marija Zaric on Unsplash

  You need other accessories to make the experience more enjoyable. Having armguards, gloves, and releases is also important. Remember to also get a quiver to carry your arrows. You may need sights to ensure that you can view the target clearly and this will ensure that you never miss the target. Mostly, you will be practicing in rough terrains. You should get combat shoes and appropriate clothing when going out to practice.

5. Practice

If you want to make archery your hobby, you must enjoy it. For you to enjoy, you must learn the tips, and practice regularly. You may also join in archery competitions to test your skills. Since you want to make archery a hobby, you should enjoy learning and practicing the skills. When you make mistakes while learning, do not dwell on such mistakes. Learn from them and it will help you to improve your archery skills. Remember you have the option of choosing another hobby or practicing for a longer period so do not pressurize yourself to master the skills fast.

Archery is good. You should first identify the appropriate type of archery ranging from indoor, 3-D archery, or field archery. You may then practice regularly to become a competitive archer.

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