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5 Things No One Ever Tells You About Traveling With Dogs

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Summers are custom made for taking up wonderful vacations with the entire family. If you are a family that owns dogs leaving them behind while on a trip can be extremely frustrating. Your four-legged family members are sure to feel left out too. But this sunny season we wish to see everyone bright and beaming, so we are going to show you a plan that involves taking your dog along too. These tricks will help you avoid unwanted accidents and unintentional mistakes that may occur with your dogs on a trip, as even one bad experience can ruin your future pet travels. Luckily today the tourism industry has opened up several dog-friendly zones and other amenities that enable easy travel with dogs. Want to make your pet picnic dream come true? Then below are 5 things no one ever tells you about traveling with dogs!

1. Always be prepared for the worst

This may sound like morose advice. But prevention is better than cure, thus if you are prepared to face all kinds of unexpected situations you can avoid mishaps. If it is your first time traveling with a dog, plan a short trip. This could serve as a trial trip that prepares for more eventful ones. Have an open mind and be aware of the problems you may face along your journey. Taking your dog with you is sure to bring you loads of happiness, but it comes with downsides. Pets are bound to face separation anxiety and housebreaking issues so be ready to pacify them at all times. As much as there are dog lovers in this world there exist people who can’t stand them too. Few maybe allergic and few others may consider them to be an unwelcome nuisance, so you must learn to ignore such reactions. Don’t let yourself get into unnecessary arguments as at the end of the day it is only going to ruin your holiday fun.

2. Pack all pet essentials

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Forgetting to pack items that are mandatory for pets when on tour is the most common mistake. Packing for your dog must be given as much importance as packing your personal belongings. The plan is to keep your dog busy during the journey so that you do not have to worry about its safety 24/7. So carry spare chew treats, toys, and playthings. However, make sure that the chewies are hygienic so that they do not cause any digestive problems. Further, be careful about what you feed your dog too. Excessive food intake can lead to indigestion and vomiting. Motion sickness is a frequent issue, so carry anti-nausea pills. A first aid kit is a must in the case of emergencies, especially when you are traveling to remote places. Invest in some high tech safety gear such as safety monitors that ring at the base station if your dog lands in water and pet GPS devices if you are on a camping or hiking trip. Do not dump the luggage in a haphazard manner. Make enough room for your dog and use roof rack awning to multiply packing space.

3. Safety and security of your dog

traveling with dogsDogs can get restless when they visit new places. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to constantly safeguard and protect your pawed pals. Try and avoid visiting places that aren’t pet-friendly. Do not go off leash when not permitted. Dogs can be pretty jumpy, so do not forget to buckle up and safely restrain them in your car. Don’t let them stick their head out of the window as it is extremely unsafe and can increase the risk of accidents like eye injury from flying debris. If you are traveling by plane it is safest to keep them in dog carriers. Don’t leave your dogs alone in the hotel room as this can lead to stress and excessive barking. Be well aware of all the pet-related rules of the hotel you are staying at to avoid inconveniences. If you are planning a boat trip it is advisable that your dogs have life jackets on in case they fall off the boat. To prevent them from falling overboard you could put them below the cabin during adverse weather conditions and move them to the cockpit when you reach the dock. If you are a little more adventurous and plan to take your dog on your Honda CRF make sure you do all the necessary arrangements for their safety.

4. Know your legal rights

This may sound insignificant but knowing about all the rules, regulations and the documentation required for traveling via air with your dog is inevitable.  First and foremost you must qualify the ESA, ‘Emotional Support Animal’ test to be allowed to travel with your beloved pet. If you qualify this you can travel with your dog in the main cabin free of cost, without any discrimination based on breed, size, etc. Also, make sure that you have a letter from your vet with proofs of up to date vaccinations. It is important to have prior knowledge about the airline’s pet travel policy as well.

5. Be a responsible owner

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A lot relies on you too. These are simple yet significant things to keep in mind. Don’t forget to scoop the poop. Carry twice as many dog poop bags. Following such simple rules help keep many venues dog-friendly and make everyone happy. Try and avoid the use of retractable leashes as much as possible as they make it is too easy for the dogs to break free even if you are slightly distracted, and other travelers are likely to trip over such long, taut leashes.

Hope we’ve cleared all your doubts about traveling with your dog. So just follow every minute detail and throw your worries away. It is after all holiday season, so start planning a vacation and guess what? this time you don’t have to leave your best buds behind.

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