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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Nepal For Peace Of Mind

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Visit Nepal if the hustle and bustle of daily rat raced lives have drained you silly. It’s time for nirvana of the purest kind. Nepal in a nutshell is where you need to go.

“Don’t listen to what they say, go see!” – Chinese Proverb

A destination to go to, which offers mindblowing temptations to those who love to travel – Nepal is a place where the soul aspires to visit and offers experiences quite different from what the usual would be. Rich in spirituality and a place where nature is at its best in abundance, Nepal is where soul-searching can be done; a place where peace of mind can be attained whilst mingling with the welcoming and warm friendly locals. This is why you should visit Nepal.

A destination that offers a myriad of options to a traveler, Nepal is a place aspired by many to visit. It is a place that offers unique and beautiful experiences, quite different from the norm. High in spirituality and quite abundant in nature, this is a place where one can attain nirvana and do some soul searching. Nepal is also where you would find doe-eyed warm and friendly locals, welcoming you with open arms to enjoy the peace and tranquility this unique destination has to offer.

You can explore the splendors of this place and uncover the beautiful destination, as you traverse on your personal journey. This is a magical and captivating land; one that will enthrall your soul from within. Apart from attaining peace of mind, you would have a wealth of experiences to gain, which you may have only dreamt of.

Meditation, Yoga and Spiritualism

 Nepal Yoga Retreats have classes that contribute to the growth and development of the body and the mind in a healthy way. These retreats have helped people achieve harmony and an integrated development for their personalities. For a true and happy healthy lifestyle, yoga is the way to walk on.

 The Eight Fold Path of Yoga

This is not to be confused with the Buddhist’s Eight Fold Path. It in fact is derived from Patanjali’s yoga sutra which dives deep into the lifestyle of a human being and explores the human psyche at large. What it consists of –

  • Yama – which talks about sel-restraint
  • Niyama Asana- which talks about self-observance
  • Pranayama – which talks about breathing techniques
  • Pratyahara – which talks about the withdrawal of one’s senses
  • Dharana- which talks about concentration
  • Dhyana- which talks about meditation, and
  • Samadhi- which talks about identifying with the pure consciousness

At the Nepal Yoga Retreats, there are many classes from which you can choose. There are expert practitioners and Ayurvedic healers that work and perform yogic tasks as a primary source for those who want to be treated. There are plenty of yoga centers across the nation, especially in tourist districts. With so much to do and see around the nation, this is another reason why you should visit Nepal.

A Dream Destination for Many

 Nepal is undoubtedly a dream destination for many; for those who wish to be on top of the world by being in Nepal. It is a place where you can take pride in visiting, a place where Lord Buddha was born. There are various reasons as to why you should visit Nepal. In most cases, globe trotters come here to pursue trekking, which gives them a sense of adrenaline rush and peace of mind at the same time. The massive mountain peaks, plenty of tourist attractions and unique travel experiences bring people from all over the world to the Himalayan kingdom.

Apart from walking, trekking, and hiking, there are many more activities one can participate in. You can indulge in wildlife sightseeing, which is in the south western part of the nation. Some popular places that offer wildlife viewing would be the Bardia National Park, Chitwan and more. If you are into Buddhism, then there are famous monasteries along the way to visit. Nepal has a deep connection with nature, and the inhabitants of this place are vastly deep into cultural activities as well.

Diverse vegetation and the abundance of flora and fauna, with soothing temperatures and climate, warm and friendly locals, and ecstatic trails everywhere; you would not find such features anywhere else in the world. This small nation has just about everything you need for peace of mind and happiness; you name it and Nepal gives it.

Value for Money

 Why you should visit Nepal is a question you ask? We say it is value for money. Most of your imagination would come true when you enter and travel through the highest point in the world. What not can you do in Nepal? From visiting the mighty Mount Everest to seeing the deepest gorge – Kali Gandaki, Lumbini, where Lord Buddha was born, white water rafting, safaris, and wildlife viewing, adventure sports and more,

Nepal brings to you a range of fascinating stuff to see and do. There are also day tours that take you to see the heritage sights of Nepal, and you can also view the traditional art, culture and experience the local cuisine of the nation too.

Seek Tranquility

 For those of you seeking tranquility and peace, Nepal Yoga Retreats helps you relax and find solace too. While doing that, you could spend some time visiting famous places such as the Lake City of Pokhara, Kathmandu, the city of temples and the famous Chitwan National Park as well. These are some of the many reasons why you should visit Nepal.

Do some soul searching, find your inner consciousness and explore the divine from within, whilst you travel and explore the highs and lows of this wonderful nation. There is always something around that will enchant your soul in Nepal. Right from the people to the traditions, art and culture and more, Nepal helps bring to the soul searcher, answers he seeks.

In a Nutshell…

For those who wish to traverse the world and seek answers, Nepal is your one-stop destination to do the same. From the highest peaks to the lowest gorges, fascinating flora and fauna to the wildlife and more, even with yoga and meditation involved, Nepal brings to you a journey to the soul like never before.

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