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5 Ideas for Taking a Vacation by Yourself

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taking a vacation by yourself

Vacations on your own aren’t for everyone. Many people find traveling alone to be stressful or that it makes them anxious. However, other people may find that traveling alone is liberating and peaceful. For those who crave time to themselves while exploring the world, taking a vacation by yourself may be helpful. Where you go and what you decide to do depends on what type of person you are or what type of vacation you’re looking for. Some destinations are relaxing, others are to find nicer weather. Some focus on solitude while others are about the journey and less about the destination. And, if you want time to yourself away from it all, even a staycation can be the perfect fit for you.

Bed and Breakfast

If you’re looking for some time to relax, take a walk, read, write, or gather your thoughts, a bed and breakfast may be perfect for you. The pace is a little slower and the atmosphere is calming. A bed and breakfast is less like a hotel and more like staying with family. The building might have more character, the hosts take more time to be with their guests, and the people who stay are looking for an experience, not just a bed to sleep in for the night. Up the comfort level by searching for places in the area to get a massage, ask the hosts where you can find a leisurely hike, and explore a new town by yourself for a change.

A Trip to Nicer Weather

With fall upon us and winter around the corner, it might be nice to take some time by yourself in search of nicer weather. In many locations, it’s a short plane ride away to find warmer locations. If you’re lucky, the trip is just a few hours by car. Take some time and find a beach, go swimming, go on a boat ride, or just spend time outdoors to soak in the vitamin D. There’s truth to seasonal depression and the importance of sunlight, so don’t be afraid to take time to practice some self-care in warmer weather. Even if you don’t have seasonal depression, some sunlight and warmth can still be beneficial to your mood and overall happiness.

Cabin Getaway

If being in the mountains, camping, or having a rustic vacation is your thing, you may consider going on a cabin getaway to spend some time alone. Depending on how remote your cabin stay is, you may not have a lot of access to other people, stores, or Wi-Fi, so be sure you bring everything you need. However, there are plenty of cabins that are more modern and have all the amenities of any other type of lodging. Whether you’re looking for something remote or not, you can easily find a cabin anywhere on the spectrum. A cabin is great to spend some time close to nature, take part in some outdoor activities, or even to bring your dog along for the vacation. If the mountains are calling you, a cabin getaway is a great idea to have a vacation on your own.

Taking a Road Trip

A road trip is a great option for a vacation by yourself because of the freedom you’ll have on the road. Leave when you want, listen to your own playlist, stop whenever you please, and sing as loud as your heart desires. Those who love road trips know that the journey is half of the fun, and a road trip by yourself means all the freedom in the world. Maybe your destination is a camping spot, a dive motel, a fancy Airbnb, or a friend’s house, but your dive will be time for you to think, sing, and see the country go by from behind the wheel.

Take sunset photos on the side of the road, stop to see a silly roadside attraction, or park somewhere to write and listen to some music from the hood of your car. Road trips feel free, and when you’re alone, that feeling is elevated.

Having a Staycation

When you need some time alone and you’d like a vacation, don’t feel like you have to leave your city. A staycation doesn’t have to be overnight, either. Decide on what you’d really like to do by yourself to collect your thoughts and go do that. Consider a spa day, an all-day hike, or a coffee/movie/lunch date with yourself. If you do want to do something overnight, you can even stay at a local hotel and order room service and swim in the pool. Local Airbnb rentals can be relaxing and fun as well. If your main focus is to be alone, you can do that in your own city without spending a lot of money on travel.

Spending time alone isn’t always about being upset with others or feeling depressed. Some people just enjoy having time to recharge. Not only that, there’s a certain freedom and independence that goes along with traveling by yourself. Though some may misinterpret a vacation by yourself as being something negative, it’s important to note that many people just enjoy their own company. Just be sure you are being safe and taking precautions in your travels. Otherwise, consider a fun adventure on your own as a little vacation with yourself.

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