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4 Tips to learning self-defense as a woman

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learning self defense as a woman

As a woman, learning self-defense is probably one of the most useful things you can learn this year. Danger is everywhere and you have to be prepared. Having defense tools such as the best stun gun, pepper spray, or anti-rape whistle is helpful, but it’s also good to learn actual self-defense moves. We always hear about women being victimized by violence and assault, but because we think we’re surrounded by men who will protect us, we feel safe. We want to think that people are usually good and won’t do us harm.

But what if we’re alone? What if your husband is away and you’re left alone in the house? What if you had to take the car alone to gas up? What if someone suspicious approaches you while you’re jogging around in the neighborhood? How do you defend yourself? It’s about time we learn how to protect ourselves. Here are 4 tips to learning self-defense as a woman:

  1. Mentally prepare yourself

Knowing what to do in case you encounter aggressive and threatening circumstances is the first step to self-defense. Similar to preparing for an emergency, if you are aware of your surrounds and what’s happening, you will be easily able to assess the situation and think of your first action. When you open yourself to the possibility of danger, you condition your mind to take action whenever something unthinkable happens. The last thing you want is to be frozen in fear when you’re being assaulted.

Imagine a situation where your safety is compromised. What would you do if you feel a shadow constantly following you home? What would you do if you wake up to someone feeling your thighs? Think about those situations and force yourself to take a plan of action if someone were trying to rape, rob, or kidnap you. Don’t hide and cower away in such thoughts. If you want to learn how to defend yourself, you must accept that possibility of these kinds of danger happening.

  1. Learn martial arts

The art of self-defense is largely based on several martial arts and its practical application. Most martial arts can be used to defend yourself, some being more offensive than others. So if your goal is really for self-defense, then you have to chose among the most practical martial arts styles. One of the best to learn is BJJ or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This is because it doesn’t discriminate on size and strength and focuses on leverage to perform fighting techniques. Muay Thai is also another good technique to learn because it teaches you to fight with your limbs and strike your opponents powerfully. If you’re interested in hand-to-hand combat, you’ll like Filipino Martial Arts. Here you’ll learn about hand weapons, how to use them, how to defend against them, and also some striking and grappling techniques.

  1. Be physically fit

It goes without saying that learning martial arts will help you become physically fit. But even without the training, it’s an advantage to be fit because it works in a lot of situations like when you need to run for your life. People who look unfit are easy targets to perpetrators and you don’t want to look like one.

  1. Learn basic tricks

As a woman, there are some basic tricks you can easily learn to handle certain threatening situations. If someone touches you and you feel like you can’t escape, shout and push back. Get loud with “Back off!!!” and push back at the offender. Shouting signals for help and pushing back at the attacker lets the person know you’re not an easy target. Another technique is to know which body parts to hit. Before an attacker can take full control of you, conserve your energy and get ready to inflict injury on one of the parts where you can damage easily. This would be the groin, neck, legs, ears, and eye area.

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