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4 Life Improvement Steps You Should Stop Procrastinating On

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What life improvement steps are you procrastinating on? Every single one of us has that list of small tasks we need to do lying around somewhere. As it steadily grows with more and more tiny fixes and things that need to be updated, it can become increasingly daunting to start working on. Without a little boost of motivation, that list can sit and you can be idle for far longer than it would have taken to knock out everything.

The thing about it is that the biggest of these small projects will take a full weekend of activity. Most will take far less time than that and are really just causing you stress because they are hanging out in the air waiting to be crossed off the list. It’s time to stop procrastinating and jump to it!

Life improvement steps

Here are four small projects you should stop procrastinating on and take care of this weekend! You’ll feel relieved they are done and ultimately be able to relax and enjoy your downtime far more! As you read consider how and when you put these life improvement steps into your schedule.

Car Maintenance

Car maintenance can mean a lot of different things ranging from vacuuming out the dirty floor to overhauling major components under the hood. Whatever type of maintenance needs to be done on your car, getting it done can seem like an ominous thing hanging over you until you finally get it taken care of. Maintaining a car in great working condition can be a significant benefit and save you a lot of money further down the road.

It may come as a surprise if you aren’t a car person, but there are actually a lot of minor fixes and maintenance for your car that can be done easily at home. Your mechanic isn’t likely to tell you this though, because they are super easy fixes that they can charge a fair amount for. Some include:

  • Oil changes
  • Checking and topping off various fluids
  • Changing windshield wipers
  • Cleaning and replacing headlights
  • Checking tire pressure and tread

Of course, there are some things that you just don’t have the mechanical ability to fix at home. In these instances, it is totally worth setting up the appointment and getting your car in for a fix. Taking care of a small problem or recall early — whether at home or at the mechanic — can prevent it from becoming something super expensive and difficult to fix. Procrastinating on this one can leave you without wheels, which can have pretty extensive impacts on your life in some areas. Would you agree that this is one of the life improvement steps that is worthwhile?

Bathroom Upgrades

You know you’ve been thinking about all the things you’d like to do to make your bathroom a bit more comfortable. Making these upgrades can be (and probably are) a full weekend project. However, you will feel great once everything is complete. Every bathroom visit can be a bit more enjoyable.

When starting a bathroom project, it is important to begin with the big things. Are you replacing tiling or important pieces of plumbing? Start with these. Certain bathroom upgrades such as shower benches or bidets are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Installing things such as these can raise your property value, and in the case of the bidet can actually be more hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Once the major renovations are complete, it’s time to think about the smaller things. How do you want your toiletries to be organized? Are there small decorations that will really pull the bathroom together? Have you been waiting to put something in there until everything was finally ready?

Technology Management

With all of the technological advances of today’s world, it can seem like we have more technology than we really know what to do with. Well, it most cases we probably do, and this creates a substantial need for some level of technology management.

The big thing here is taking the time to responsibly take care of outdated and older technology. For instance, if you get a new cell phone and you know for sure you are never going to need your old one again, it is time to destroy all of the data on it to protect your personal information. Now more than ever, phones store a significant amount of our personal data and thieves don’t need all that much to take over your identity. This is aone of the life improvement steps that can benefit many people as well as the planet.

Beyond destroying the data on your old phone and computers, it is important to responsibly dispose of any old technology. You may have outgrown your old stuff, but if it still works, there are plenty of organizations out there that would love to have it donated. Other options include selling it or recycling it.

Yard Work

Yard work can seem like a never-ending task, but not procrastinating on it makes keeping up on everything and maintaining a nice outdoor area a LOT easier. If yard work really isn’t your thing, you have a couple of options. You could hire a lawn company to do the work for you, or you could xeriscape your lawn — grass takes a lot of resources anyways.

If you are looking for a low maintenance and beautiful lawn area, you may consider planting native grasses and wildflowers in your garden beds. There are a lot of benefits to planting natives such as:

  • Less water use: Native plants are adapted to the local weather patterns and can usually survive on rainfall and the occasional spray from the hose
  • Low maintenance: Once they are established, native plants can pretty well take care of themselves and many are perennial, which means they come back every year
  • Pollinator-friendly: Many of our native pollinators are struggling to survive in a developed world. A home garden of native plants can make a real difference in their survival
  • Spring-fall beauty: Planting a variety of native plants can ensure your garden is flowering from early spring all the way to late fall. Many people have perceptions of native plants being bland, but many are large, showy, beautiful flowers

Taking these life improvement steps will have you feeling energized. Stopping procrastination and taking care of a bunch of small projects can leave you feeling great. The trick is getting started. Fortunately, once you do, there are all sorts of things and mini habits you can do to keep going every day. Take it one step at a time and start knocking things off that list!

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