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4 Dynamic Ways to Advance Your Life and Career

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When you consider self-improvement, there are many ways to advance your life and career. To narrow things down for this article, we’ve selected four of the biggest ones and made a deep dive into each of them.

So, let’s get started…

Advance Your Life and Career

1.      Overhaul Your Finances

While we can all talk about frugality and how it helps to not spend money, often the good things aren’t cheap (or free).

A balance must be found to live a financially balanced life where we don’t turn into Ebenezer Scrooge, nor do we overspend and get into heavy debt. The former is likely to keep us miserable, while the latter means spending money we haven’t even earned yet, paying interest on it and taking on extra stress for no reason too.

One way to improve your life and career is to get your financial house in order. To do this, it helps to have a goal that you’re shooting for, rather than money remaining an abstract concept without any motivation behind it.

What could motivate you? Going on vacation without having to borrow money to do so? A stress-free vacation for the first time would be awesome! Buying your next car with cash? Or, do you wish to be financially independent and need to save and invest a certain amount of money to achieve that?

Whatever your goal is, be specific about it and know what you’re aiming for. It makes it much easier to pay yourself first and get the rest of your spending under control too.

2.      Are You as Healthy as You Can Be?

Are you as healthy as you can be? The health question requires complete honesty to be useful. Most people when they’re honest will answer “No” to this question. And we usually know the areas where our health is lacking.

Perhaps you’re still smoking even though you planned several times to give up the habit.

Is it possible that you’ve put on a few pounds – or twenty – since you last checked your weight? Have you been avoiding checking it because you’ve already had to purchase some new clothes because the old ones seem to have shrunk? Staying in denial about it certainly isn’t going to help anyone!

Draw a mental line in the sand today. Decide to act towards a healthier new you. Don’t wait until it’s the New Year and you’re making resolutions that you know won’t get kept for more than a day.

Set a plan in motion. What exercise will you do? When will you start? You’ll need to change your lifestyle to make exercise a regular part of it and not an occasional thing you attempt. That’s the only way to make fitness part of the new you. Know that is an integral part of the plan to advance your life and career.

Also consider what you’re currently eating and whether you need to change up your eating and drinking habits. Most people aren’t successful at both taking off weight and keeping it off when they don’t embrace both exercise and a changed diet plan.

When you’re slim, fit and healthy, you’ll have the energy and vitality to get other parts of your life where you want them to be.

3.      Where Are You Going in Your Career?

Are you aiming to get into management or move from lower to upper management and eventually to the board level? How are you going to get there with what’s on your resume now and the opportunities you have at your current place of employment? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, then that’s a problem.

It’s a good idea to explore the idea of taking a master’s degree. This is because to get any decent office job and certainly into lower-level management, you need a bachelor’s degree. Because of this, advancing your skills even further is required for upper management positions beyond just on-the-job performance.

If the idea of an MBA is appealing, then it might be helpful to visit the MBA Tour at one of the locations where it’s being held. There are some good reasons to attend (See here: https://www.thembatour.com/why-attend/). These include being able to meet admissions staff from prestigious colleges from around the world to discuss their MBA programs and what they look for in candidates. Admissions staff can also confirm whether taking the GMAT exam will be required too.

4.      Develop Your Network

Developing a network of contacts is just as useful as it ever was in both your life and career. In the digital era, reaching out is easier than ever now. With more contacts, there will always be someone you know who might be able to help or offer useful advice.

However, remember that people usually approach others from the perspective of “What can you do for me?” and so it’s important to bring something to the table in return.

When taking care of your money, sorting out your health, focusing on a growing career and making useful contacts along the way, you’ll have a well-rounded approach that is bound to see improvements across the board. Even focusing on one of these areas at a time is going to be useful too.

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